Screens by Mint Chicks: Don’t sell your brains out, baby! Na na na na….

Photography by Taylor

Gonna have to make this one quicky mcquicky pants… Mama Tsuru’s a waiting and I want to go hang out with her (and get my bike cleaned, lubed, and tuned professionally). This one comes by way of a birthday present from the wonderful team at We Listen For You, Screens by The Mint Chicks!!! WOOT!

Now… before you hop up and think we got ourselves a new incarnation of the Pipettes or something, WHOOOA NELLY! Hold your horses! First off, the Mint Chicks aren’t even “chicks” in the classic or literal use of the word. It’s a group of guys, and no, they aren’t emulating girl-groups, though in hindsight, a group of dudes playing power pop while covering the Supremes would be pretty much super-awesome, eh?

No, what captured the ears of We Listen For You and finally mine was some very fresh, original, and concise noise-electro-power pop. After leading you in with a false sense of sweetness with the first few seconds of “Red, White, Or Blue”, these boys get into it with some noisy distorted yet sunny harmonies, backed by a broken speaker sounding deliciously driving beat, and never let up for all eleven tracks! The whole album sounds like my speakers are blown out! Now, that may sound annoying, but it actually works.

Wait a sec, let me double check I didn’t ACTUALLY blow them out…..

Nope, all good.

I’m with Zach on this one, I kept expecting to see my finger start reaching for the scroll wheel, but it never happened! The closest I got was on “What A Way”, it starts out a bit annoying, but suddenly it settles in to this sweet little noisy groove and I found my head bopping up and down, slowly, to the beat….

It’s fast and fun, the kinda thing to be blaring when you are heading down the interstate at 90mph or so with the windows down and a stupid grin on your face as you beat the top of your steering wheel to the beat with your hand!


So enjoy the first few tracks, and let’s start this weekend right! Oh, and don’t forget…..

ONLY 1 LITTLE DAY LEFT ON THE GREAT TSURURADIO SWAG TOUR De CURE DONATION AUCTION!!! DON’T MISS OUT!!! We got a bid, so you better get your ass in there soon!!!

Okay, where was we? Oh yeah, time to enjoy…


The Mint Chicks – 01 Red, White or Blue
The Mint Chicks – 02 2010
The Mint Chicks – 03 Hot On Your Heels
The Mint Chicks – 04 Don’t Sell Your Brains Out, Baby

Don’t sell your brains out, baby…
na na na na!

Fun, eh? Now, go show the Mint Chicks all your love here, here and here now! And come hang out with us down at the Facebookers and Our humble little Society… We promise not to bite!

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y

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