Crossing The Rubicon by The Sounds: Was I really part of it? No….

Photography by Mathilda C.

Ah, the sounds of summer! What is it about heat & sun that makes your brain want to hear a different kinda sound, open to something that just a few weeks ago may not have clicked in the slightest??? Crazy ass brains and their neural connecting whatnots and so & sos. Often, for me, the Spring/Summer thing leads to a Weezer fixation that grabs my huevos, holding tight, until I pry them off with some over-the-top prog on mad repeat!

I could be completely full of shit though… maybe today’s little obsession has nothing to do with the pending weather shift? Maybe I’m just all hyped & pumped up because Mama Tsuru is coming to town! WOOT! Ironically, mama bird is afraid to fly, so the visit to Columbus from Tampa, FL is a rare occurence, very rare. I’ve been up in the midwest now for what, five years and 2+ months (not that I’m counting or anything) and she’s been up once, for my wedding to the unimitatable TsuruBride, and that was a pretty hectic weekend (as you can imagine), so quality time with maw-maw was a bit limited.

Or… maybe it’s both, a looming summer and a bit o’ mama? No clue, but (ir)regardless of how this brain o’ ours works, it led to a little Sounds addiction, as Crossing The Rubicon’s hook-filled, bouncing, and sugary dance-power-pop is causing me to bop around like a twelve-year-old on a Jona Brothers marathon!

Look…. this ain’t deep stuff, okay? But does all music have to have the depth and complexities of a black hole? Of course not! Take “Midnight Sun” which opens with, “Waking up with sunbeams in my eyes and the world outside seems to pass me by”, yeah okay, very cute. I think Maja and Brandon Flowers should have a debate. Wouldn’t that just be adorable?

Awww…. Who’s a cute little Brandon? So deep! Just like a hole.

Here, think of it this way, The Sounds is basically a modern day version of ABBA, though, they probably already speak/sing English and aren’t just phonetically playing along to some pre-written lyrics which, to my understanding, was how ABBA started. If I’m wrong, it really doesn’t matter because anyone who wants to debate the finer points of ABBA has way too much time on their hands and is trying way too hard. It’s ABBA. ABBA for lard’s sake! And this is The Sounds…. All you do is turn the volume up, turn your brain down, and have one hell of a good time!!!


The Sounds – 01 No One Sleeps When I’m Awake
The Sounds – 02 4 Songs And A Fight

Trying to remember it,
Was I really part of it?

Forgiving I’ll be crucified,
by you.

The Sounds – 03 My Lover
The Sounds – 04 Dorchester Hotel

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Okay! Good times, eh? Now go show The Sounds some sweet loving love right here and here

2 comments for “Crossing The Rubicon by The Sounds: Was I really part of it? No….

  1. sweet_doublerocker
    May 27, 2009 at 10:50 PM

    I’m having lots of fun with this album
    by the way i really like the “huevos” image XD

  2. Tsuru
    May 28, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    Hey Sweet DoubleR! Awesome! Yeah, it’s a lot of fun, broken huevos and all!

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