Basement Required Listening No. 16: Sambassadeur’s Sambassadeur!

Photography by Sumugun tadi kana karisti

I love Our Society! I really do. I couldn’t ask for a better collection of music geeks to hang out with! Ego & elitist free, I’ve never seen a group who loves music and loves to share in that love as much as our little congregation, our little music brigade. In our Basement Required Listening series we are up to #16 and it was kowakovski’s turn to bring the heat, and he did with a wonderful self-titled little gem completely missed by yours truly… Sambassadeur.

Honestly, there’s not much to say about this except it’s simply lovely……. call it lover’s pop! Romantic, lush, electronic pop, vaguely reminiscent to Stars, kinda, without all the over the top attempts to overthrow the bourgeoisie. And oh man, Anna’s voice just washes over you…. Mmmmm…

I think we’ll have to pick this one up for Ms. TsuruBride, totally up her alley! Ooo.. that sounds dirty, ha! Anyway, think we’ll keep this one brief and let the music speak for itself (lard knows I did enough talking yesterday). So thank you kowakovski, excellent choice!

Your turn…. enjoy! And by all means, come on down to the Society yourself and join in the fun! I promise, we won’t bite.

Sambassadeur – 01 New Moon
Sambassadeur – 02 Ice & Snow

Here’s to better days
that will come will come my way…

Sambassadeur – 03 One Last Remark
Sambassadeur – 04 Sense Of Sound
Sambassadeur – 05 If Rain

Go show Sambassadeur all your love here, here, and here now… And hope to see you over in the facebooks or down in the society soon!

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y

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