Almost time to go back to reality…

Photography by Tsuru
Prints to come here!

Well, today is our last day of full vacation. Tomorrow, we hop in the metro & a bus over to the Budapest airport, fly to New York, then to Columbus. We then have Sunday to enjoy the comforts of home before we head back to work on Monday.

Super sigh…

It’s been a lovely, lovely vacation. Prague was just amazing & lovely & perfect, Budapest has been just relaxing. Ah, and here’s a new photo, Budapest Panorama Style…. from Buda (left), across the Danube, over Margaret Island, to Pest (right)! Woot! View the full size, I’m pretty happy with this one.

(Click to full view)

I’ll be honest, we both preferred Prague to Budapest. Budapest is nice, but it feels like just another European metropolitan city compared to Prague, which seemed to have that old world charm we were looking for… Does that sound fair? But it’s all good, we decided to chill the fuck out and just RELAX in Budapest, and relax we did! From sleeping in, to wandering & meandering around the city (vs. the more determined-style of “exploring”), to sitting on Margaret Island in the sun reading for an hour or so before sauntering over to a Bath to soak our worn bodies (though, we were inside, going back and forth between the 40 & 36 deg C) in various temperatures of mineral-enhanced waters.

Lots of reading (been working on Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson, and loving it) & relaxing…. so nice. Today, we may wander somewhere new, we may not. Either way, it’s all good and we feel “vacationed”. I’m starting to get that feeling, where I miss our home, our bed, our cat, my bike, etc, and I’m ready to listen to new music and think about our next project…… so yeah, I know I’m about done.

TSURUBOT4000’s programmed to keep going to the weekend, I hope it’s been taking good care of you. The feedback has been great, though now I’m starting to wonder if it’s trying to replace me! No worries, I put in some special programming just in case such an event were to try to occur…

Okay time to wrap up…. We’ll get back to the music on Sunday (picked up an interesting 10″ I hope to share) but man, glancing around the intertubin’ schnoobins, it looks like that Passion Pit group is the hyped hot shit of the day/week/etc, eh? They are fucking everreewhere man (Jeezus H. Step-in-crap)!!! Are they this year’s MGMT or Vampire Weekend or whatever? Apparently, eh? Funny how it all works though…


Guess I’ll be checking them out at some point. If only to see what all the hub-bub’s about, bub.

Hey Passion Pit, have fun trying to live up to this on your next album. Oof, I feel for you guys already. Just enjoy it while you can, okay? And tuck that money away! Don’t squander it! Or squander it, doesn’t matter, just don’t end up like some stupid starlet crashing in a car seat from a long night of vodka, Red Bull, and coke.

Classy. All that does is lead to in-fighting, egos, break-ups, shitty solo careers, slutty girlfriends who just want your money, and ultimately you working at a burger king (again) to pay the rent. Actually…. the only reason for this rant is to FINALLY have a reason (albeit, a crappy one) to post my favourite photo of Lohan. HA!

What? Would you rather have wanted me to post this one of Bri’ney?

Oy & oof rolled into one, eh? Oyf! Just looking at it is making my fried goose liver turn. AH, speaking of….. Anyone got a good & healthy recipe for Czech Beef Goulash? Dear lardy, I fell in LOVE with this dish in Prague. SO yummy!

Okay, okay, okay…. time to wrap it up, for realz dis time, yo. Have a great day everyone, a great FRIday, talk to you all soon! Let’s hope the long flights back home are rather uneventful, eh? Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish that book… 900 pages! Oyf!


3 comments for “Almost time to go back to reality…

  1. Mojo
    May 8, 2009 at 6:28 PM

    Good timing I was getting bored with last year.

  2. Alex Drake
    May 9, 2009 at 11:16 AM

    Thats so cool. Im gonna travel round both Prague and Budapest in september! Im super excited.
    And I loved your collage photo of Budapest by the way.

  3. Tsuru
    May 10, 2009 at 2:44 AM

    @Mojo – I can't tell if you are being facetious, sarcastic, or ironic, but yes, last year is soooooo last year! ;)

    @Alex Drake – Fantastic!!! We LOOOOVED Prague so much & Budapest is quite metro and fun! Have a blast!!!

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