5 DAYS LEFT! While TSURURADIO Presents… Lanni’s Songs I Have Discovered Thanks To My Dear Ol’ TV Mixtape!!!

Product photography by Tsuru

I know what you are thinkin’…. where’s the lovely fine art photography? What’s with the old bag with some unknown, yet slightly enticing items in it??? Don’t worry, TSURURADIO ain’t changin’ on you, I just got something pretty cool & special to share (besides Lanni’s awesome mixtape), an idea my baby came up with (goddamn, she’s so clever)!

As you know, on June 6th, I will be putting my cycling addiction and tree-trunks-meet-chicken-legs to good use when I will be riding 100 miles through 7 counties and climbing about 5,000 feet in the American Diabetes Association’s TOUR De CURE to help raise money & awareness in the battle against diabetes!!!

To help raise as much money as possible for the event, I’ve been asking for sponsorship from you, our beloved TSURURADIO readers (as well as anyone else I can think of, including our wonderful Society & FACEBOOK friends), but in a final effort to take us UP AND OVER the top, we have decided to offer up, literally, a grab bag of TSURURADIO Swag!


So… what’s in the bag, you ask? What goodies does the winner get, you wanna know? You ready? Here goes….

1. Wolf Parade’s Apologies To The Queen Mary on Excellent Vinyl!!!
2. Tom Wait’s Small Change on Very Good Vinyl!
3. The Cars’ Heartbeat City on Very Good Vinyl!
4. A TsuruBride original leather cassette card holder!!!
5. A TSURUFOTO framed original print, “Tsuru & The Bride”!
6. A brand spankin’ new Canadian Bacon on DVD, because Canadian humour is the best humour there is… period.
7. Local Columbus, OH band Melty Melty’s original CD release (really really good)..
8. A feist, Fleet Foxes, and some swag buttons…
9. A Hula Girl dashboard attachement for your car (because we all need one on our dashboard & I had an extra)!
AND 10…… it all comes in a seriously vintage military style New York Boy Scouts back pack! Yeah, you get the badass bag with everything in it!!!

AAAAAND to top it all off…… FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE!!!!!!!

Just check this out, go ahead, click the picture, it won’t bite:

Hawtness, eh? Yeah… it is. So, what are you waiting for???? Win some sweet music, art, designs, & swag AND help out a wonderful & worthwhile cause by bidding…

There’s only 5 DAYS LEFT!!!

ALL the money from the winning bid goes DIRECTLY to sponsoring my ride. All you need to do is win the auction, pay me or donate the amount to my page, then I’ll ship it out to you immediately, BLAMO! Everybody wins! Pretty sweet, eh? This is it… after these 5 days, I’m done begging and I’m just going to focus on the ride…..

Okay, while you starting thinking about how much to bid, I got another clever idea to share, this time the smarts come from one of our wonderful Society members, Lanni! She came up with and created an incredible mixtape based on songs she’s heard on television shows & commercials and the results are pretty damn amazing.

One thing I really like about this mixtape, it gives a two pronged insight into Lanni, not just her music taste and mixtape flow, but also the television she likes to watch. From How I Met Your Mother to Sabrina to Kraft ranch dressing commercials, sounds like a sweet evening of vegetating (lard knows I’ve had a few of those!). I’m actually surprised to see that some of these songs & artists found their way on the air! We all know about the Of Montreal, uh, situation (I STILL can’t hear the song without singing the Outback version, mmmm….. steak).

Boy, that looks, uh, so scrumptious, eh?

But AC Newman on How I Met Your Mother? Phantom Planet doesn’t surprise me, Sabrina also had on Violent Femmes once, way back, so I knew somebody there had decent taste in music, but Flaming Lips pimpin’ out Kraft? Damn! Well, damn yummy that is! Oh man, Kraft…. Oh how I love Kraft’s Mac N’ Cheese….. with hot sauce and salt and pepper and damn near every spice in the house added then eat and eat and eat until I vomit……..

Huh? Oh yeah, the mixtape! WOOT! Let’s do this, let’s get our couch potatoing on!!! Don’t forget to go bid, okay? But while you warm up your biddin’ finger & wallet opening wrist, get to listenin’ as…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents…
Lanni’s Songs I Have Discovered Thanks To My Dear Ol’ TV Mixtape
(Full Zip)

1. A.C. Newman – Prophets [How I Met Your Mother]
2. The Blam – Various Disgraces [The Office]
3. The Solids – Hey Beautiful [How I Met Your Mother]
4. Bright Eyes – Devil Town [Commercial – the O.C.]
5. Rhett Miller – Our Love [Scrubs]
6. I’m from Barcelona – The Painter [How I Met Your Mother]
7. The Murmers – Smash [Sabrina the Teenage Witch]
8. Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love [Scrubs]
9. Fountains of Wayne – Hey Julie [Scrubs]
10. Chairlift – Bruises [Commercial – Apple]
11. Phantom Planet – So I Fall Again [Sabrina the Teenage Witch]
12. of Montreal – Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games [Commercial – Outback Steakhouse]
13. Gary Jules – Mad World [CSI]
14. Kate Micucci – Mr. Moon [Scrubs]
15. Mika – Love Today [Commercial – Gap]
16. The Flaming Lips – The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power) [Commercial – Kraft]
17. Badly Drawn Boy – The Shining [House]
18. Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Blue Sky [LAX]

Go show all these artists all your love here, here, or at your local record shop now…

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