4 DAYS LEFT!!! Person To Person by Foreign Born: Right on time…. it’s the same town!

Photography by Christine Day Lorico

4 Days Left on the Great TSURURADIO Swag TOUR De CURE Donation Auction featuring 3 records (including my Wolf Parade Apologies record), a local band’s CD, my art, my baby’s design, and MORE!!! Hurry, get the bidding going now!!!!! You can get all the “deets” right here in yesterday’s mixtape post…

ALSO! I got to say….. Thank you sooooooo much to POPSENSE & INDIEPASSION for helping spread the word! Tell your friends (especially your music geek friends who have moneys), post on your blogs or facebook profiles! Get the good word to get good times by helping a good cause out! =D

Okay… while you are thinking about how much to open your bidding at, let’s talk about a little album that’ll help make that thinking & financial calculating that much more enjoyable, Foreign Born’s Person To Person

Yep, I was able to finally shake off my Sunset Rubdown repeat listening/addiction/total freak out and listen to another album (sorry baby, we can take the CD out of the car now) and I’m so glad next up in the queue was this album! I didn’t read any write-ups on it, so I was completely unaware of what to expect….

What I found was a sonically full & diverse pop album loaded great melodies, sing-alongs, and even a hook or two to pull you along. Musically, I’d say it’s got a slight African vibe, not in a literal sense, not like this:

That mustache is hawtness. No… more like this:

…. hmmmmm, yeah, Talking Heads, I can see a bit of influence there!

Good friend grafista said, he heard somebody say, “this is what the white rabbits record should have been…” Considering how much I loved the first White Rabbits album and how incredibly “meh” I was for the second, it was an interesting comment, after listening, I got to say to that anonymous commenter, oh where ever ye may be….. I think I agree! I could also add, this is the next album that Vampire Weekend should make! Oh snaps! HA! I think by now, you see what I’m trying to say… Simply, it’s good times (as always)!

So give the first few tracks a go, then go get the rest! And I’ll see you guys later…

1. Blood Oranges
2. That Old Sun

Right on time
It’s the same town…

3. Vacationing People
4. Winter Games
5. Early Warnings
6. Can’t Keep Time
7. Lion’s Share
8. It Grew On You
9. See Us Home
10. Wait In This Chair

Now…. Go show Foreign Born all your love here, here, and here, m’kay? Mmm’kay.

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