You wanted something so bad

Photography by Deák Éva

Howdy howdy buckaroos and a happy Monday to ya. Nice and rainy today, after a GLORIOUS weekend (Saturday was beyond amazing) which included a photoshoot, record store shopping, tons of h/w time with baby, and an amazing 73 mile bike ride for Cycling Connection’s 7th annual SPOT. I’m feeling so good, I threw the bike in the car and plan on doing a very rainy, wet, & windy ride home! Adverse conditions can make for a very fun ride…..

Anywho’s it’s Monday, so let’s get down to some new music! This is one that’s been sitting on me iPod for a little while, that I keep seeming to go back to periodically, yet somehow, never posted on. Weird, eh? So what is this little nugget that keeps drawing my thumb on that little electronic click wheel, why it’s Richard Swift’s little gem, The Atlantic Ocean.

What is this dark horse favourite that’s been growing like a fungus on my play count? Actually, it isn’t all that complicated. On it’s surface, it’s just fun pop, lots of bouncing pianos, little blips of synthesizers, and easy beats to bop along with…. so at first, it might be thought of as a little throwaway, a little sugar coated sour gummy worm (Mmmm), chew it up, smile, swallow, and your done, just a few empty calories of fun.

But… as I kept going back to it, you start to sink underneath the surface, like there’s actually a big juicy steak in that gummy worm! Oh wait. I guess the analogy is starting to crumble…. crumble like a big coffee cake that’s been — dammit, I need to stop with the food analogies already. Though, steak & coffee cake does sound good.

Don’t get me wrong, the album is still loaded with whimsy, it’s not heavy, it’s bright and a perfect companion in my mind to the beautiful Spring Saturday we had, but there are subtleties and influences and styles that bounce along with the piano, from AM Pop to soul & doo-wap, and Swift handles each daftly (now, there’s a word)! So, listen to the first few songs, then go buy the rest….


Richard Swift – 01 The Atlantic Ocean
Richard Swift – 02 The Original Thought

It was original
it was original thought
you wanted something so bad
then you killed the very thing you got….
it was typical
it was a typical shame.

Richard Swift – 03 Ballad Of Old What’s His Name
Richard Swift – 04 RIP

Go show Mr. Swift all your love here, here, and here

2 comments for “You wanted something so bad

  1. thefourohfive
    April 20, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    Hey, thanks for leaving a comment on my site! We’re looking foward to the new site too. I love your site. I’m thinking a 405/tsururadio collaboration should happen!

    Oliver 405

  2. thefourohfive
    April 21, 2009 at 2:43 AM

    Yeah I reckon a mixtape exchange would be awesome!

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