TSURURADIO Presents… Best Of Dixieland on Cassette!?!

Photography by Tsuru
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Allo and happy Sunday! Been an interesting weekend, to say the least. Yesterday, my cycling partner and I did our first century, 100 fucking miles, for the Columbus Outdoor Pursuits 37th Woodstock, starting from the east side of Columbus, up and over to the west, through Delaware, and back around and back down. I have one word to describe the ride, WIIIIIINNNNNDDDDD!!!!!!!!

Dear god and jeebus and buddha and…. It was non-stop! An insane 25 mph wind heading East by Southeast-ish I think, meaning that it was in our face for the first 50 miles, then kinda hitting us on the side for about 30 of the last 50 miles. Absolutely no protection drafting.


For those of you following along my demise on FACEBOOK, I was able to get a few photos and updates up along the way, here’s a couple of them:

Your boy, looking a little haggard, & our bikes (mine’s the green Kona Kapu) at mile 70…

A dead crane in BluBlockers on the side of the road at mile 90…

DONE! 100 damn miles!

Learned quite a bit, I think for the TOUR De CURE in June I’ll be much better prepared and able to do the 100 miles. First off, we’ll join up with the right group, not the guys we thought were the right group who were barreling along at 20-25 mph for the first 30 miles (sorry we missed you Teamroll). At one point, the wind hit me especially hard and next thing you know, we were dropped by the group. Nice.

So… For the next 70 miles, it was just me & my buddy. He finished strong like bear, I finished exhausted & a mess like whore bear on a long night out drinking & smoking & screwing.

Did okay on the hydration, but need more water and more food. But, it’s hard to eat when you stomach starts to tighten up (along with your legs and back and neck and even my jaw?)… Oh well. Live & learn and that’s what I’m doing! Not sure if I’ll do another 100 mile ride before the Tour, we’ll see. Got a long way to go and many miles to ride until June!

Last night I was rather useless (sorry baby), but before I let myself shut down completely, when I got home, I showered up, grabbed some junk out of the basement and we went over to Junctionview Studios to drop off our “treasures” for their 2nd Treasure Swap!

This morning (feeling refreshed), we got up and looked for our own Treasures! Found a couple useful things…. An old 80’s tennis racket to use as a fun prop for an upcoming pin-up photoshoot I’ve got, an old bicycle seat that I’m sure will come into good use for a bicycle I’m restoring, and in a box full of cassette tape covers, this cassette tape called The Best Of Dixieland featuring Louis Armstong, Pete Fountain, and the Dukes Of Dixieland. As far as best-of’s go, it’s pretty crappy. Eights songs by 3 artists, one of which, “What A Wonderful World” isn’t remotely “Dixieland” does not a mixtape make!!!! Very strange. MCA must’ve had pretty low standards for “best-of compilations” back in the 90’s.

Oh well, thought it’d be fun to do a little cassette rip, a first for us, and put it up, WOOT! So enough jibber-jabber, push play, and let the (mostly) sweet sounds of Nawlin’s wrap up this weekend nice and right, eh? As…

Best Of Dixieland on Cassette!?!

Side 1

1. Louis Armstrong – Bain Street Blues
2. Pete Fountain – Dixie
3. Dukes Of Dixieland – Struttin’ With Some Bar-B-Que
4. Louis Armstrong – Potato Head Blues

Side 2

1. Pete Fountain – When The Saints Come Marching In
2. Dukes Of Dixieland – Bourbon Street Blues
3. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World
4. Pete Fountain – Stranger On The Short

Hope you enjoyed! Got a special little something to put up tomorrow for you, so keep an eye out! Until then…


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