tsuruloosie… No Intention by The Dirty Projectors

The Dirty Projectors – No Intention

Nice little rainy Monday, so let’s start things off with a little tsuruloosie, eh? “No Intention” by the Dirty Projectors…. Okay, this is pretty sweet and smooth. Got a simple rhythm & melody, easy peasy, and you just glide along, slowly clapping your hands, rocking side to side. Not sure why, but I’m vaguely reminded of Prince? Weird… though I have no idea which Prince, but whatever, it’s what’s coming to my head, so it’s what gets written here. Nice one you Dirty Projectors, I wasn’t too impressed with your addition to the Dark Was The Night compilation, I guess my prejudice took over because I then avoided your album. Sorry ’bout that… looks like I need to go check it out after all… ;)

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