tsuruloosie… Borderline (Madonna Cover) by The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips – Borderline (Madonna)

When I heard about this on Record Store Day, I was intrigued and excited… I mean, just look at the math: iconic pop star song + quirky alternative rockers = superawesomegoodtimes. Well, superawesomegoodtimes in the traditional sense it ain’t. Instead you have a slow burner, starts of teeny tiny, with a little Casio-like rhythm thing going on and some quite effects. But then slowly, every so slowly, it builds until the half-way mark where the Casio is turned up to 10 and played to the full effect why Wayne sings from the Star Trek….. Enterprise. Finally, the rest of the team wakes up and we get some guitars and drums and an all-around epic attempt, which is all well and good until I remember it’s just a Madonna song, and not one of her better ones, imo.

You want to cover Madonna? This….. THIS is the song to do:


Man, I’m a sucker for a gospel choir………

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