The return of the tsuruloosies…

If there is one thing I learned putting together our MASSIVE 3.3 hours, 38 song, from womb to now mixtape of kickin’ favourites from every stinking possible year of my life is that I’m getting old. Yep, it’s true. Little by little, one grey hair, one fresh wrinkle at a time. Sure, I know what you are thinking, “Tsuru, that can’t be so, you is one fine lookin’ man, tried & true! If it weren’t for that TsuruBride, I’d be all over you like white on rice (or even yellow on a delicious saffron chicken & yellow rice)! Mmm-mmm….”

Well, that’s very sweet of you and yes for a man approaching 36 next month, I’m a pretty hot piece o’ ass. BUT, that doesn’t change the fact that time moves forward and I’m slowly but surely dying (hopefully reeeeally slowly). Don’t cry though! There are many aspects of one’s life where one can, not reverse the aging process, but at least be fresh & current & “in the present”…. Of course, I’m talking about music.

I’m not really “current” in the hot & hyped sense… I see an album, I try an album, if I like an album, I write about the album. Then I make mixtapes from those albums and buy the albums on records and share that listening experience with you, so…. who knows when that album will make it to my ears! Could be weeks, months, or even years!

So, in an effort to stay more “with it” and “down with the young-folk”, I think it’s time for the return of the tsuruloosies! First, a little lesson…. Webster’s defines the term (updated for 2009) as the following:

Term: tsuruloosies
Main entry: tsu·ru·loo·sies
Pronunciation: (sü-rü-lü-s?s)
Function: Noun
Etymology: From the urban slang loosie for a single cigarette or can of beer
Date: 2008
Definition: Individual songs leaked, released, or just fondly remembered, usually listened to seperately from the albums, mixtapes, podcasts, etc. from whence they came.

Last time, we emptied out a little pocket on my iPod of homeless songs, but going forward we’ll use this to actually review & discuss songs, preferably current ones, but possibly some old nuggets too (you know me, I’m a bit sentimental at times….. or maybe just mental, well, either way, good times). So, this weekend, I grabbed a couple random hot tracks and decided to give them a spin to see what all the fuss is about. Going forward, like our little video moments, I think these will just be little blips on little random tracks. Why not, right? More music = more possible good times to be had!

Crystal Antlers – Andrew

First up is Crystal Antlers with “Andrew”…. Hmm…. not too shabby. The voice is a bit harsh and like that first strum that opens the song, it just hits you in your ear drum and doesn’t want to let go. The song settles into a pretty classic melody, but the voice distracts more than enhances. But, if you are like that scratchy-yelling voice thingy, then get all over this one….

King Khan And The Shrines – Land Of The Freak

Let’s do another, eh? This time King Khan And The Shrines and “Land Of The Freak”. Hmm…. another “oldie” sounding song. Is this a trend now? I honestly can’t tell if I’m listening to some old record or not. But, it’s a hot track, so I have to assume this is fresh. It’s fun, that’s for sure, a bit of surf boogie good times or something. I wholly expect a bunch of very clean-cut white boys during the pre-but-so-close-to-the-hippie-age in high wasted swim trunks dancing clumsily on the beach near white girls in bikinis. Well, except for the sax freak-out, that’s classic Horns Of Dilemna action right there.

Superchunk – Misfits & Mistakes

Last one… Superchunk and “Misfits & Mistakes”. Isn’t Superchunk an old band too? Like some leftover from the 90’s? No? Oh well. Can’t remember, don’t feel like looking it up. Doesn’t matter anyway, it’s about the song, right? Starts off nice, little distorted guitar bouncing around with a driving bass. The verse is a bit generic, but we are soon back to the sweet little bouncing guitar. Chorus is pretty weak, basically the same as the verse, but he sings it different. This one doesn’t really do anything for. Maybe it’s a transition song? Oh well….

Well, there you go, three tsuruloosies… Phew. I don’t know about you, but I feel like a 22 year old hipster all over again! Like I can read Hipster Runoff and truly “get it”, you know? That was fun, let’s do it again real soon!

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