The day is wasted if you’re not wasted…

Photography by Ruedi

Nice…. now here’s some spacey, dancey pop, be-yoooo! be-yooo! (my laser sound effects), I can get behind (sorry Justice)! Wave Machines and their little gem Wave If You’re Really There

Part dance-ala-MGMT (I imagine you will here that reference alot in all the reviews that will be coming down the pipe) and part art-poppy goodness, Wave Machines walk the balancing act between becoming a hyped-club-throwaway and being a, uh, “serious” pop band, though the word “serious” seems so…. serious. The result is, for the most part, a little album full of sweet falsetto singing and fun bouncing melodies that kinda make you want to shake your booty all over the place, t’ain’t nuffin’ wrong with that, right?

I’ll tell ya, my friends, the sky is clear & sunny, the air is warming up nicely, and Wave If You’re Really There is gently pushing me to go out and enjoy it, to get baby, hop on our bikes and just ride the whole long spring day. You know, in just a few hours…. I think we will.


Wave Machines – 01 You Say The Stupidest Things

The day is wasted
if you’re not wasted…

Wave Machines – 02 Carry Me Back To My Home
Wave Machines – 03 I Go I Go I Go

Now, go show Wave Machines all your love here

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