That’s the thing about charisma, it makes everyone believe…

Photography by Christine Day Lorico

Another busy day and everyone seems to be in a shitty mood, but on the plus side, it’s my “Friday” as I’m off work tomorrow and Monday and that’s pretty fucking sweet. Speaking of sweet…..

Tsuru Tsycling Update!

As you know, I’m riding the TOUR De CURE in June, right? I’ve been asking/begging for sponsorship from you, Our Society friends, FACEBOOKers, and people I know in real life (I know, crazy right? I actually know people in real life), and you guys have responded! I’m over $500!!! And I still have cash donations I need to add in…. It’s not too late to donate for a great cause, so if you feel like throwing a few bucks in follow this link and get your good karma on!

But, that’s not the update. The exciting news is I’m now signed up to do 100 miles for the Pelotonia as well! This one’s to fight cancer and it’s a $1,500 minimum donation and I already got that covered with the help of some amazingly wonderful sponsors! But, if you want to donate, the more money for cancer research, the better, right? So click on through here and step up! We are totally going to kick cancer’s ass!!! That’s right cancer, you can suck my balls…… Oooo…. sorry Lance.

Anywho…. hope to see you at either event. Even if you don’t sponsor or support me financially, show up and buy a t-shirt or something, it’s all good.

So, it looks like I got to keep training, got a lot of miles to ride to put on a good ride at these two events. Looks like I’m going to need to build me a kick-ass, butt-movin’, leg-pedalin’ mixtape soon, like a giant 2 hour one or something. Yeah, I think this weekend, we’ll get started on that.

Unfortunately, I don’t think today’s obsession will make it on the mix because as lovely as Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band’s Outer South is, it most certainly won’t get me up that giant steep-ass hill at the end of the Olentangy Bike Path at 20mph.

I think I’ve been listening to Cracker too much, either that or the whole “alt-country-
roots-folk-rock thing” thing is coming full circle and getting more & more noticeable again. Well, regardless, I’m not complaining as after the many years back in the 90s I spent listening to it the “first” time, with the sun & warmth becoming more significant with each passing day, it’s feels nice to dipping my feet in again and wiggle my toes around (I like to watch the minnows scurry about).

Funny thing is, outside a song or two, I’m not a big Bright Eyes fan. Though I try to listen to each and every album in the vacuum of it’s own existence, I’d be lying to say my expectations weren’t that high, yet for the second time this week I found myself bopping around with a big grin on my face to something I figured would come and go like a banana-induced fart… nothing but a little warm air (it’s all the fiber).

Wait, I’m losing my thoughts to these tangents…. where was we? Ah yes, Oberst & his Mystic Valley Band. I mean, is it ground-breaking material? Nah, at times it drifts from alt-roots-rock-goodness to something vaguely 80’s with “Air Mattress” to some Bob Dylan adoration here & there, but you know what, not everything has to break molds or ceilings or preconceived notions, right? It’s like a fresh plate of your favourite comfort food, a bit of mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and maybe a spoonful of black-eyed peas. Oh, and sweet potato pie….

Mmm…… Yeah.

Conor Oberst – 01 Slowly (Oh So Slowly)
Conor Oberst – 02 To All the Lights in the Windows

That’s the thing about charisma
it makes everyone believe…

Conor Oberst – 03 Big Black Nothing
Conor Oberst – 04 Air Mattress

Go show Oberst and crew all your love here, here, and here

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