I declare a ceasefire…

Photography by Scott James Prebble

Thanks to the team at Indiepassion and for Society member pomalift for supplying & recommending this one, respectively as I’m currently being mesmerized by Deaths & Entrances by My Latest Novel…

Quite beautiful, My Latest Novel teeters back and forth between quiet & lovely to bombastic, always with their hearts & emotions strapped onto their sleeve. My very first impression was that of fellow Scots Phantom Band meets a bit of Arcade Fire, and as I listened again (and again), I’m not quite as confident in that first impression, but then “If The Accident Will” comes on and it all feels all apropo and shit all over again!

I don’t normally do this, but while finding the links to share below so you can show your love for the band, came across their self-write-up on their label’s site (a similar one is in the description of the album in the Society):

“Deaths and Entrances was a title before it was an album – and a poem before it was a title… By Dylan Thomas… We loved how vast it was, and it seemed to sum up exactly what we wanted to do next. It gave us something to aim for. We wanted to “pull the thunderbolts, shut the sun, plunge, and mount our darkened keys”. Many of the songs from the album are inspired by literature, specifically ‘Lanark’ by Alasdair Gray. The book is about life, death, dreams, nightmares, war, heaven and hell… Cycles… So is our album. We were drawn into the illogical nature and conflicting thoughts of the anti-hero; the time travelling Billy Pilgrim; the cowardly Yossarian; and the main (unnamed) character in ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’.”

Okay, seriously, if that doesn’t at least pique your curiosity, well…. all I can say is you may be at the wrong site for musical goodness. Even if thematically the album didn’t follow that, I think it’s a great way to describe their sound. You can hear all that in each & every song, in each tone, chorus, instrument, and melody! Quite wonderful.

Whatchawaitin’ fer, homie? Enjoy!

My Latest Novel – 01 All In All In All Is All
My Latest Novel – 02 Dragonhide
My Latest Novel – 03 Lacklustre
My Latest Novel – 04 I Declare A Ceasefire

I declared a ceasefire
’cause otherwise I’d find it hard
in among the crossfire
that I would suddenly pierce my heart…

Now, go show My Latest Novel all your love here, here, and here

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