Going blind, out of reach, somewhere in the vasoline…

Photography by Tsuru
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Well, it’s Easter…. you know what that means, right? Last night, in millions of homes, Jesus, in the form of a bunny, snuck into all the “good christians” homes and hid fake eggs filled with Starburst Jellybeans (dear god, so good), Sweet-tart gummies, and bite-sized chocolates and passed out giant chocolate bunnies that represent how an all-knowing omnipotent god changed all his rules by dumping the old testament (omg, that’s soooo BC) for a new and improved testament that allows for shellfish & bacon (mmm… bacon, now that’s how you get yourself some believers)!! Well, unless you got the other bunny that was actually his arch nemesis in disguise, Satan a.k.a. Beezelbub a.k.a Jorge. Jorge tends to favour homes with kitty-cats, as he likes to eat them.

You get no prize at all, unless you consider your cat missing a prize, and secretly, if you are a cat owner, there are times when I’m sure you do (it’s okay, we all do at one time or another).

In the spirit of this really jacked up holiday, I figured let’s share an album I re-stumbled upon while making a mixtape for a new contest we started down in the Society by clockout. Basically, he challenged us to make a mixtape of favourite songs from the past 20 years. One song a year. Let me tell ya, my friends, 2003 was a bitch, as was 2000. But, with a bit of searching, I found some songs I loved that happened to fall in each and every year. I’m actually in the process of mixing everything together, so hopefully we’ll get it up for your by tomorrow or so. I have a feeling you’ll be surprised by what we were able to put together.

Anywhos…. One album I pulled out of the archive was an album that spent many, many moons in my CD player back in 1994, Purple by Stone Temple Pilots….

I loved this album. After hearing that one song they had where “the dogs begin to smell her” from their previous album being played non-stop, I really wasn’t impressed with STP, I figured they were just another grunge sound-alike band signed by the big boys to compete with Pearl Jam or to garner more of my monies or whatever. But then this came out and I heard “Vasoline”.

Okay, geek moment for you…….. I have a degree in chemistry, right? Well, back in ’94 I was in college studying, of course, chemistry. Well, one of the great molecules in organic chemistry is naphthalene and your boy Tsuru, always prone to parody geekery, made my own chorus to the tune of “Vasoline”, that I would sing in my best Weiland voice, that end with “is it yoooou? Is it meeee? All I need’s some naph-tha-leeeEEene!”


Okay, well simply, the album kicks lots of ass. As far as follow-ups go, they evolved their sound to a bit faster, a bit riffier, a bit tighter, a bit less “seattle grunge wanna-be”, and created their straight-up rock masterpiece. So, on this hallowed Sunday of bunnies, eggs, evil Jorges, and zombie Jesuses, let’s pull our cocks out and lets get ready to rocks out as we present…


by Stone Temple Pilots

1. Meat Plow
2. Vasoline
3. Lounge Fly
4. Interstate Love Song
5. Still Remains
6. Pretty Perry
7. Silvergun Superman
8. Big Empty
9. Ungived
10. Army Ants
11. Kitchenware & Candybars

Fuck yeah, eh? Now, go show STP all your love here, here, and here

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