Everytime we say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight…

Photography by Mirjan

Well this is just lovely. Last time we heard from Au Revoir Simone, I liked it, but it pretty quickly left my consciousness, replaced by a near-wealth of more appealing (to my senses, at least) girl-group sounds. So, when Still Night, Still Light came about, I’ll be honest, I didn’t jump to put this on the top of the queue….

For shame. Maybe it was producer Thom Monahan that helped to bring a little focus to the sound? As his other work with Vetiver and Little Joy are both great examples of “how to simplify your sound to the maximum effect” (sounds like a great manual you’d find at a Barnes N’ Noble, eh?)… Whatever the cause, the effect is nothing short of beautiful as these three temptresses and their keyboards quietly, starkly, and deftly weave like a sateen dobby on a two-by-two twill melodies and harmonies with their keys and their voices. I’d imagine in a different time & a different place, this would be the soundtrack that ships would be crashing into rocks with as they try to get a better glimpse of the sounds & beauty coming from the other side.

A great example of this is the track “Take Me As I Am”, listening, it could’ve EASILY been built up as a quirky little single, that probably would shown up on the next Apple commercial (god, I’m tired of their commercials… all of them), but no, no gimmicks, just a simple, stripped-down bare song, giving it a weight ten times what it would’ve been by adding a bunch of stuff to it. Anyways, just lovely. It’s the word that keeps coming back over and over in my head as I listen to this album.

It’s a lovely day outside, I think I’ll take these ladies out with me and enjoy. You too, okay?

Au Revoir Simone – 01 Another Likely Story
Au Revoir Simone – 02 Shadows

Everytime we say
good night
good night
good night
I’m haunted by your eyes
and how long they’ve been crying…

Au Revoir Simone – 03 All Or Nothing
Au Revoir Simone – 04 Knight Of Wands

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1 comment for “Everytime we say goodnight, goodnight, goodnight…

  1. Alex
    April 2, 2009 at 9:23 PM

    I’ve seen them live acouple of times. Good time every time.

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