Because there are no goodbyes…

Photography by Rita Lino

Happy Monday to ya! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the hell out of TsuruBride’s brilliant mixtape (I know I did/am). And to everyone who came out to support my super-talented baby and said “Allo!” at the CTA Craftravaganza yesterday, thanks so much! It was a fun & beautiful weekend all-in-all, but alas, all things must move forward, and so must we…

Which leads us to today’s little obsession. For those paying attention, starting late last week and into the weekend, there were a shit ton of new musics that pop up on the intertubes! So this morning, ears all fresh and clean (oh man, Q-Tips….. greatest invention ever) I was like a kid in a candy store, as the old saying goes, just strolling along my click-wheel looking for the album that caught my eye first. Fortunately for me, the second one I picked (the first one was the newest from The Maccabees, but for now it seemed a bit to “arcard fire-ish” to stick, maybe after a second try it’ll find a home in my brain, but that will have to wait) turned out to be as sweet at a Starburst twizzler dripped in corn syrup and rolled around in colored sugar!!!

Sophia’s There Are No Goodbyes kinda coats your eardrums with a combination of fresh and slightly melancholy pop that at once feels new and familiar. For the unawares (like me), Sophia is not some female solo artist (damn, I don’t know who that is, but she looks like she can kick yours & my ass), nor is it a Swedish industrial band, and no, it’s not a Japanese rock band, nope… according to their web site, “indie band Sophia includes Flower Shop head and former The God Machine frontman Robin Proper-Sheppard. Close to a year after the death of God Machine bassist Jimmy Fernandez, Proper-Sheppard began searching for a new musical outlet. The new direction were more personal and listener-friendly. Together with personnel from the bands Elevate, Ligament and Oil Seed Rape, Proper-Sheppard finished 1996’s Fixed Water.”

Meaning….. I have NO IDEA who they are! Man, if I had a dollar for every band I don’t know…………….

Oh well, no matter, nevermind. Musically, it seems personal for sure, and as far as “listener-friendly” goes, yeah, there’s no sudden breakways into noisey nails on the chalkboard sound effects or throat-destroying racist screaming or anything so sure, listeners may find this friendly (seriously, what a strange way to describe a band, were there issues with the friendliness of Flower Shop or God Machine or whatever?).

Yeah, yeah, I know, shut up and get the music started, right? Right. Though the sky is sunny and the warm wind fills the space between the folicles on your head, Sophia’s vaguely rainy day music still seems fitting, maybe it’s the Monday, maybe it’s the fact I’m not quite “in it to win it” in a work way today, but whatever the reason, it’s quite nice….

Your turn! Enjoy the first few tracks and go buy the rest!

1. There Are No Goodbyes

I lost my head in a landslide
I should’ve seen it coming
But you took me by surprise
Well fold me up gently and tuck me away
into your silence
where I will sleep,
safe with the secrets that bind us
Because there are no goodbyes…

2. A Last Dance (To Sad Eyes)
3. Storm Clouds

Now, go show Sophia all your love here, here, and here

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