Basement Required Listening No. 13: Ron Sexsmith’s Blue Boy

Photography by Peter

The Society’s Basement Required Listening series continues and it’s my turn! So, this time I decided on, not a new find, but one of my all time favourite albums, Ron Sexsmith’s 2001 absolute gem, Blue Boy

Come 2000 or so, I was still really into the 90’s, with a good potential to get “stuck” there, after all, it was the music of my 20s and it’s soooooo easy to get stuck in that music. But then I heard this, I don’t even know where or how I got it, maybe a CD of the month club because I didn’t send back the card in time saying “no thanks”? Maybe on a fluke after listening at a Border’s listening station during a lunch break of coffee and periodicals? No clue. But it became one of my favourites and for the past 8 years, it has always been with me, always been in my collection (and always will be) and when it gets too scratched up, I buy a fresh copy (unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it had a vinyl pressing… maybe in the future that will get rectified).

So what is Blue Boy? Simply a collection of stunningly perfect pop songs…. That’s it, the end, check done. I hope you like it, I really do, even if it’s just a tiny smidgen as much as I do.

Basement Required Listening No. 13
Blue Boy by Ron Sexsmith
(Full Zip)

1. This Song
2. Cheap Hotel
3. Don’t Ask Why
4. Fool Proof
5. Tell Me Again
6. Just My Heart Talkin’
7. Not Too Big
8. Miracle In Itself
9. Thirsty Love
10. Never Been Done
11. Thumbelina Farewell
12. Parable
13. Keep It In Mind
14. Fallen

Now, go show Mr. Sexsmith all your love here, here, here, or down at your local record store tomorrow for Record Store Day!!!

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