Your parents made you, you never, get cold…

Photography by Kristina

A 2008 or so miss, thankfully recommended by one of our wonderful Society members, porkmuscle j, who “happened to stumble into a show and see” these guys. He was so impressed by these guys that he (WARNING: The following is a dramatization of the events following the Royal Bangs show) dropped his beer to leave his friends at the venue to tell us of his discovery, which after falling to the floor in slow motion, exploded into mass of broken glass and golden fizzy beer, where upon then the super model who’s “digits” he was in the process of attaining took a step forward to make sure he got the little note of numbers, slipped, flying backwards exposing that she was indeed NOT wearing any underwear, causing the paparazzi to go wild to catch a photo of less than perfectly shaved nether regions (scandalous), creating a supernova of flashes blinding the bartender who then mistakenly gave a beer to a cop posing as an underage girl, causing, not only his arrest, but the bar to be shut down and everyone to be escorted out ruining, not only the evening, but Christmas… All this while porkmuscle safely ran home, dialed up the internets, and made sure we all were listening to We Breed Champions by Royal Kings…

Well, either that, or after fun night, got up the next day and started a topic in the Music Listening Lounge. Not nearly as exciting, so let’s stick to the dramatization. Regardless of the events in question on that fateful evening, the result is an album I’m finally hearing and absolutely (finally) loving. I tend to trust our member’s recommendations, they know me, but what got this one up on the top of the queue? Here’s pmj’s description, “They’re a grizzled bunch of boys from Knoxville, TN and all they wanna do is rip your face off and spread rock and roll all over it. Lots of double drumming, noise, and enough melody for you to realize that deep down, they’re probably just a pop band.”

My brain put a bit of Dirtbombs in my pre-hearing-evaluation, and that’s a good thing, so I grabbed it, put ‘er on, and man, he was dead on! It’s sloppy, noisy, dirty rock, with just enough quirky electronic gadgetry blipping here and there to throw you for the occasion loop. Fantastic lyrics, vocals, and all and out fun! It’s been on nutty-nutty repeat since mid-yesterday…. I know it’s going to take quite some effort to peel this off for another album.

Thanks pmj! Another great member recommendation. Now, I hear they had some hype last year, but if you missed it like me, now’s your chance to give ’em a go…. enjoy!

Royal Bangs – 01 New Scissors
Royal Bangs – 02 Cat Swallow
Royal Bangs – 03 Handcuff Killa
Royal Bangs – 04 Japanese Cars

Years of pain from your bedroom wall,
Chipped off a piece for my say,
keep it.
Your insane and you taste like snow,
Your parents made you, you never,
get cold.
Japanese car’ll keep us safe tonight…

Go show the Tennesseans all your love here, here, and here now…

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