Woke up in another life time…

Photography by Aimee Ketsdever

Busy day ahead, I’m half asleep and starting to think about the chilly ride ahead of me. Accidentally left the iPod at work so I had to load ye ol’ nano with a couple albums to hold me over for the ride. One album in particular that I was streaming yesterday off Merge (and listening to again right now) is a self-titled little gem by Telekinesis!

Much will probably be made of a) Telekinesis! is basically one guy, Michael Lerner, doing most all the work and b) it was produced by Chris Walla (see Decemberists, or and apparently he does something for a band called Death Cab For something something), that’s great and all, Lerner’s obviously a talented singer/songwriter/musician and Walla is a fine producer, but let’s be honest, it’s been done (on both accounts) many times over at this point so what really matters is the final product, right? Right.

Well, obviously I’m lovin’ it! Otherwise it would be here, eh? This is just straight up beautiful pop & rock! Much is drawn out of the 60’s and 70’s, but it’s fresh and modern, never contrived. It’s also laced with bits of sounds, kinda reminiscient of our odd little podcasts, like at the end of “Tokyo” where he keeps singing “I, I, went to Tok-Ee-Oo” into what sounds like my tape recorder! Ha! Love it.

Each song gets to the point quick, no farting around, and puts it all out there, before heading on to the next. It’s refreshing (like a big ol’ bottle o’ coke, no no, not this kinda coke, this one) after all the long song progginess I tend to be listening to more and more! Good times…

Okay, let’s hop to it, time for me to throw on some bike shorts, wake up the legs, and get a move on, but you, you can sit tight in the comfort of a cozy whatever get to listening…. lucky bastard!


Telekinesis! – 01 Rust
Telekinesis! – 02 Coast of Carolina

Woke up in another life time
it’s a shame, it’s just not right now
dreamin’ of the coast of Carolina
dreamin’ of the ways that you will smile…

Telekinesis! – 03 Tokyo

Go show Telekinesis! all your love here and here now…

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