What you say is way to complicated…

Photography by Tiggy

Good to be home, my friends, the long ride was good, long, but good. Of course it helps to have lots of good music and, of course, sweet & sexy company of a beautiful woman along the way! Those of you following along on FACEBOOK were also treated to some in-car mobile photography as we escaped some late Toronto snow and while we crossed back into the US, exciting, I know!

This little web log is just the tip of the icing, the icing on the iceberg, if you will… We got our beloved Society of music freaks & geeks sharing in all the good times, and now we added our FACEBOOK page were we got “big plans” a-brewin’ from baby & I…. if we can pull them off, it’ll be pretty fucking sweet. More on all that though as we work out the details.

But, getting home means getting caught up, and knowing that tomorrow that means getting caught up on 3 days of work that sat waiting for me, I literally have back to back to back to back to back to back meetings tomorrow (uh… yay?). So, I figured we’d start getting caught up on the music that cropped up on this ol’ interweb of ours in our absence now while the gettin’ was good.

Based on everyone’s high recommendation, the first thing I HAD to load up was a new release from Phoenix called Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix!

Cute cover, eh? Go ahead, make the bombs-falling-whistle noise with me, “feeeeeeeeeoooooooouuuuu BOIIGHOIHGTTXXX!” Uh, that’s meant to be a whistle followed by a big explosion noise, I’ll be damned if I can spell it.

Well, the album, though not “cute”, definitely has an element of brevity, that is quite refreshing after the long ride. It’s chalk full o’ synthy, fun, pop and man, it’s well-crafted melodies are like a glass of sweet iced tea on a hot day to my ears… good times, my friends.

Speaking of brevity, gonna keep this one short so we can enjoy the few short hours of happy-relaxation time we got until tomorrow’s shit-fest occurs (fingers crossed no “emergencies” occurred). But, by all means, don’t let that stop your good times from occuring! Get boogieing to some Phoenix now, then head out and get the rest! Lots more coming your way this weekend, I got a hankerin’ to rip some vinyl!


Phoenix 01 – Lisztomania
Phoenix 02 – 1901

What you say
is way to complicated…

Phoenix 03 – Fences

Go show Phoenix all your love here and here

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