We were sick, we were sick at the thought!

Photography by LoLee

Allo, allo & happy hump day, eh? Week seems to be dragging along a bit for some reason, but there is a shiny happy lining to that… it means more music can be heard, loved, and danced-about to! First things first…. Yesterday I finally, FINALLY, got my copy of Hazards Of Love! WOOT! Check out these handy & stuck together two photos I took of my loot..

(click for full view)

It’s autographed by the band (pretty cool, though what does one “do” with an autograph? maybe learn to forge their signatures?) and I got my Rake t-shirt (which I’m sporting today at work, fuck yeah), sing it with me…

No more a rake aaaand no more a bachelor!
I was wedded and it whetted my thirst!
Until her wOoomb started spilling out baaabies…
Only then did I reckon my curse!
All right! All right! Alll right!

They got the booklet up on-line to help you follow along for those with digital copies, right here. But, it’s best to just head over to their website or your local record store and get your own. More on The Hazards Of Love in other posts, I’m sure.

Next up was another band we introduced on our 2xMixtape from Monday. Remember way back in February when we fell in love with Bromst by Dan Deacon? I mentioned it was recommended with “epic” adjectives from good friend and fellow Society member Mark… Well, when Now We Can See by The Thermals found it’s way onto the electronic intertubes of lightness & being, he got just as excited and rambunctious about it! Well, over a month later, after I listened to “I Called Out Your Name” for the 100th time on the mixtape, I felt compelled to give the whole album a true & proper listen…

To be honest, for the first 30 seconds or so, I didn’t like it. It sounded like something you’d hear in a mall retailer selling perfectly destroyed jeans to a 16 year old for $100, but for the sake of the economy, I perservered! Besides, everyone and their mother is all over this album in the “blogosphere” (apparently), so there’s got to be at least something to it, right? I mean, Mark liked it and he’s got good taste!

So, I turned off my brain, turned off my mall-rat prejudice, and just let it play. And what did I find? A fun rockin’ little album! At it’s heart, it’s good ol’ pop-punk! Yeah, a bit o’ “punk” on the surface, but that’s just the froth, when you get into the thick espresso infused yumminess below, you find it’s decidely more catchy-fun-hooky pop! This won’t get confused with real punk bands (though, what a “real” punk band is is a debate for another day, I’ll challenge that Jonathan Richman playing a 20 minute version of “Ice Cream Man” to an audience that just wants to hear Modern Lovers tracks is decidely more “punk” than most bands who call themselves “punk” could ever dream of being… not familiar with the song? here’s an 8 minute live version to a more receptive audience), as these guys have a pop-literacy about them that rewards you as you pay more and more attention to the lyrics buried in the fuzzy power chords.

Basically, what I’m saying is, come for the pop-punkin’ good times, stay for the depth and breadth of the beauty within and generally be a happy mammer-jammer! Sure… why not! Oh, and by the way, Mark also did a sweet interview with The Thermals! Go check it here, now! And while you are reading, enjoy the first few tracks on the album (then go buy the damn thing already)!

The Thermals – 01 When I Died
The Thermals – 02 We Were Sick

We were sick
we were sick at the thought
so far from where we started
to far along to stop…

The Thermals – 03 I Let It Go

Now, go show the Thermals all your love here, here, and here… And don’t forget, come on in the Society, birdantony has posted a brilliant mixtape and I’m challenging EVERYONE to do one in the same concept (and that means YOU too)! Also, have you friended us on FACEBOOK yet? Well… don’t complain if you miss out on “the full TsuruExperience”!!! Do both here….

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y

Hope to see you in there! If not, til next time…

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