TSURURADIO Presents… Oh-Niner! 2xMixtape!!!

Photography by Tsuru –> print available here!

Like I mentioned yesterday, and what Our Society members & our FACEBOOK friends already had dibs/access/etc to since Saturday, I had a little sumfin special a-brewin’ for ya! And, well, here it is! A wonderful whopping 33 songs (well, 30 plus part of 1 split into 3, carry the four, take the squar root or something), from one hell of a fun year so far, i.e. nuffin but oh-niners (I hope, never know… those ‘oh-eighters’ can be pretty sneaky sometimes)!

Now, listen, this ain’t no “best of 09”, we already did an extremely premature one back in January, so no need for any “dude, where’s fucking Animal Collective or Andrew Bird or *insert band here*?” type comments, m’kay? And you know, I think we’ll hold off on any more “premature best of 09’s” until December when we do our next Most Awesomest Tsururific albums mixtape (we love that mixtape, but need it really was “premature”). No, this is just a humble little mixtape of some mind-boggling ego-destroying elitist-smack-downing oh-niner tracks guaranteed to get your toe a-tappin’, your lips a-flappin’, and your ears a-grinnin’… The end, check, done.

It’s chock full o’ artists we’ve talked about, some we haven’t gotten to discuss yet, somethings you may be quite familiar with, and some you might not! In the end, I believe we created a fun oh-nine listening experience that I’m quite happy to get to share now. It’s got the gamut… some highs, some lows, some fast, some slows, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder where the time went! HOORAY!

So, what do you say? How about we start this week off right and continue this month/year proper style, eh? As…

TSURURADIO Proudly Presents… Oh-Niner! 2xMixtape!!!
(Full Massive Fucking Zip File)

NOTE: Trust me… You should really play this GAPLESS!!!

Part One
1 Neko Case – Marais La Nuit I (Intro)
2 Dan Deacon – Build Voice
3 Handsome Furs – I’m Confused
4 Boston Spaceships – Canned Food Demons
5 Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game
6 Modern Skirts – Soft Pedals
7 Brakes – Crush On You
8 The Phantom Band – The Howling
9 Julie Doiron – When Brakes Get Wet
10 Dollboy – Oh Ahab!
11 Telekinesis! – Great Lakes
12 Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 123 Goodbye
13 Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader
14 The Veils – The Letter
15 The Heavy – Doing Fine
16 Camera Obscura – Honey In The Sun
17 Neko Case – Marais La Nuit II (Intermission)

Part Two
1 Weiland – Sunken Eyes
2 The National – So Far Around The Bend
3 Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins Or How To Wait For A Very Long Time
4 Jenn Grant – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
5 Great Lake Swimmers – Pulling On A Line
6 The Gorgeous Colours – Means To An End
7 HOMiE – Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World
8 Parlovr – Archy And Mehitabel
9 Arbouretum – Song Of The Pearl
10 Heartless Bastards – Sway
11 Emmy The Great – Dylan
12 DeVotchKa – Hot Burrito No. 1
13 The Thermals – I Called Out Your Name
14 Beep Beep – Mortal Warrior
15 The Decemberists – The Hazards Of Love IV (The Drowned)
16 Neko Case – Marais La Nuit III (Outro)

I hope you enjoyed…. Now, go show all these artist all your love here, here, or at your local record shop..

And why don’t you get connected to the rest of the “tsuru experience” and avoid missing out on all the little “perks”, like getting first dibs or members-only vinyl rips. I promise, it’s nothin’ but good times. My only caveats? Keep your ego at the door and please, don’t just take, participate, okay?

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y


1 comment for “TSURURADIO Presents… Oh-Niner! 2xMixtape!!!

  1. bunkercomplex
    March 24, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    Wow, seriously hot mix. I was hooked by The Dan Deacon track and couldn’t stop listening to the rest.

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