TSURURADIO Presents…. A Very Special Members Only Vinyl Rip #15!!!

Photography “Paper And Vinyl” by Tsuru

Friends & family! Members Only Vinyl Rip #15 is up and ready for your sweet lovins!! FACEBOOK friends check my profile and our family of music freaks & geeks head to the society hall, because it’s up and ready. BUT, SHHHHHH!!!! Don’t tell anyone what it is…. cuz, it’s a secret! ;)

What? You ain’t part of our ever-growing list of friends and family? Crazy man… Well, whatcha waitin’ fer sonny boy? Friend us up on FACEBOOK, get the what-what on our goings-ons, and join our blessed Society and get to enjoying (and sharing, remember, don’t just take, PARTICIPATE) all the good times that are to be had now!

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y

See ya in there…

Cheers & LPs,

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