This will be a better year…

Photography by smokedval

Completely missed this one when it leaked out, but better late than never, right? The weather is just stunning outside, sunny, about 70 degrees (I’m actually writing this outside right now) and the smell/feel/joy of spring is in the air, in my nose, & filling my lungs, joining it, mixed in, becoming one, is Technicolor Health by Harlem Shakes!

Remember the Rural Alberta Advantage that therealAARONDUNN loved, that made Our Society’s and my best of list for 2008, and swept me off my feet when I finally stumbled upon it in November? Well… this album has that same fresh, fun, balanced blend, something really, really special going on feel to it, I’d say it’s folk-rock-not-really-with-electronic-bits-added AND with-a-bit-o’-hippy-tribal going on kinda thing! How’s that!?! Fucking awesome, that’s how it is… Yeah, I’m in heaven. Can’t wait to spend the next few months with this one! Not much else to say, you got to listen for yourself on this one…

So, my friends, whatchawaitin’ fer? Load it up, go outside, hop on your bike, go for a walk, or whatever, and enjoy!

Harlem Shakes – 01 Nothing But Change Part II
Harlem Shakes – 02 Strictly Game

This will be a better year…
Make a little money
Take a lot of shit
Feel real bad
And get over it
This will be a better year…

Harlem Shakes – 03 TFO
Harlem Shakes – 04 Niagara Falls

Go show the Harlem Shakes all your love here, here, and here now (oh man, need to get this bad boy on vinyl, like now!)…

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  1. bean
    March 17, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    Thanks, perfect for this kind of day!!

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