I’m just pulling on a line on a line, but sometimes it pulls on me…

Photography by harlow

Oof. Monday already, I’m half-asleep still and it’s the arctic outside, still. I know I’ve only been outside of Florida for 5 years, but this has been one long ass winter. I think the first snow fell here in October and it’s been just whackadoodle since!

Well, a cold sleepy Monday and I’ve got the perfect soundtrack to carry me through as Lost Channels by Great Lake Swimmers found it’s way on the internet this weekend…

Been a huge fan since I first heard “Your Rocky Spine” over two years ago (which recently made a re-appearance leading off our I Love You Baby Mixtape), and to this day I’m never sure when he’s talking about the mountains of Canada or the back of his lady-friend. Lost Channels finds our dear Canucks continuing yet expanding their country-tinged folk pop/rock (not really rock) singer-songwriter sound (you like that? I think I included every genre there). With Fleet Foxes & Bon Iver getting all the quiet/subtle/woodsy love last year, it’s easy to overlook Dekker and his crew up in T Dot, which would be a shame (I hope I’m wrong about that).

I got to tell you, my friends, their sleepy, beautiful melodies are washing over me today, it’s heavenly, though I’m not sure if it’s helping me start my week or pushing me to go home and get back into bed, all snuggled up, with baby. Either way, it’s just as gorgeous as I hoped the album would be…. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need another cup (or gallon) of coffee (or two).


Great Lake Swimmers – 01 Palmistry
Great Lake Swimmers – 02 Everything Is Moving So Fast
Great Lake Swimmers – 03 Pulling On A Line

I’m just pulling on a line on a line
Oh I’m just pulling on a line
I’m just pulling on a line on a line
but sometimes it pulls on me…

Go show the Great Lake Swimmers all your love here, here, and here now…

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