Gentle and warm, the hair stood on my arm…

Photography by La Valina

How about the Members Only Vinyl Rip, eh? A bit jarring to hear the song breaks, to hear the side flips. Gives you just a liiiittle breather before continuing on. I think there are 2 tiny skips on Side B, sorry about that. I’ll probably re-rip that side soon enough for you, so keep an eye out for an update!

In the meantime, a new week begins and new music comes our way. This time in the form of one of our smog-voiced favourites, Bill Callahan and his latest, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle

What can one say about Callahan? Thirteen albums in and we get exactly what you’d expect, a series of beautifully crafted songs given a weight and intensity by his well-known stark-voiced delivery. Based in folk similar to that of old Leonard Cohen but given a sonic depth with the addition of a full band, horns, strings, and what I think are a few wood-winded instruments. Most notably on “The Wind And The Dove”, where I’m practically transported to India… until that tender chorus sweeps us along! Beautiful and stunning, as always. There are some things in life that you don’t want to change too much, that their constancy is a beautiful thing, like the sunset/rise, like sweet smitten gaze from your love’s eyes, and like the words & music of Bill Callahan.


Bill Callahan – 01 Jim Cain
Bill Callahan – 02 Eid Ma Clack Shaw

Last night I swear I felt your touch
gentle and warm
the hair stood on my arm
How? How? How?
Oh, show me the way
show me the way
show me the way
to shake a memory

Bill Callahan – 03 The Wind And The Dove

Now, go show Mr. Callahan all your love here, here, and here. And then, come join all us music freaks & geeks down in the society or over on the facebooks, geekery loves company and there’s so much more good times to be had!

F A C E B O O K & O U R S O C I E T Y

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