Cupid stuck me with a sickness

Photography by Robert Paulson

Happy Monday everyone… It feels like a long time since I actually thought/felt that. Yeah, we got a full week ahead of us, we got things to do, people to placate and what not, but you know, after a fantastic weekend with baby that included lots of cycling (a FANTASTIC ride in this morning, I might add), record playing/ripping, and photo-taking, I actually feel somewhat normal for a Monday, and that’s pretty fucking sweet.

I hope everyone enjoyed the REM and the Members Only vinyl rips, some incredible albums that only sound better, in my humble opine, when surrounded by that glorious snap, crackle, & pop sound that only a needle bouncing around the grooved of a vinyl disc can provide. And to all our FACEBOOK friends, did you like baby & I’s mobile phone photo madness on our ride? ha! The weather was just too nice not to spend it together on the bikes, you know?

Well, anyways, a new day, a new week, and a new album to start it off right, this time we started everything off with the latest from our talented friends from the north, Metric’s Fantasies

Now, I’ll be honest with you (you should expect nothing less), I wasn’t the biggest Metric fan previously. Loved Haines, sure, love her work with Broken Social Scene, fuck yeah, but Metric always seemed to juuuust miss me. So, my expectations were right about there when I loaded this up… imagine my utter glee when when a sightly dirty, synthy rock album, kinda reminding me of Under The Blacklight by Rilo Kiley in a good way, but not completely, with Haines sweet, silky voice graced my cranium. Suddenly I found myself wanting to dig up the discography and make sure I wasn’t just being an idiot (again)!

Is this a meaty album, to chew through for weeks & months on end? Nah… but you know what, given the happy place I’m in right now, that sounds just about perfect. Hope your week kicks off nicely as well, talk to you soon, until then, enjoy!

Metric – 01 Help I’m Alive
Metric – 02 Sick Muse

You better watch out
Cupid stuck me with a sickness
Pull your little arrows out
let me live my life…

Metric – 03 Satellite Mind

Ah and here’s a little video of Metric covering a bit of Elliot Smith, thanks to our Music Lounge VIP fulltext

Go show Ms. Haines & the crew all your love here, here, and here now!

2 comments for “Cupid stuck me with a sickness

  1. jon jon
    March 16, 2009 at 1:07 PM

    word, Emily has always been fascinating, but Mertic record just down seem to stick around.

  2. Tsuru
    March 16, 2009 at 2:33 PM

    Yeah… I’m with you. This one is just dirty enough and just ‘late night’ enough to keep me around, at least for the night…..


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