At least today you’re pixelated..

Photography by zanduetak

Happy Friday…. busy one at that. All good, as we are close to wrapping this bad boy up and head into another sweet little weekend! Got a bit of cleaning to do, a bit of riding to do, and a bit of good times to do. Ah, guess what! Last night I registered to do the American Diabetes Association’s Tour De Cure 2009! Going to do the 7 county, 4,500 feet of climbing, 100 mile ride with Teamroll (roll is a local bike shop who’s one of the sponsors for the ride), WOOT!

So… what I need to do now is get some sponsors, some people to pony up a few bucks to help us make some money for Diabetes reseach. What? You want to help out & sponsor me? Well that’s super sweet of you! All you got to is click…


Then, click under the nifty photo where it says “click here to sponsor me”, and put a few bucks in the pot! Every dollar helps, not just hit our money goal, but more importantly, to help fight that nasty Diabetes, because let’s face it… Diabetes SUCKS BALLS!

Also… thinking of holding a “thing” to help encourage sponsoring, like a give away, probably a record or something. So, after you donate, head over to the society and let me know (you don’t have to say how much), and then we’ll chose someone at randome to get a record from my collection! Sound good? Sure it does… Besides, good kharma for all that music you’re stealing! Hell, you’ll probably even get laid. Just think of it on your date, “Yeah, I just donated some money to this blogger dude, fighten diabetes… *tear up here* I do what I can…” BLAMO! Laid!

And finally, to get the full 100 mile experience, Facebook friend me, and during the ride I’ll upload some photos of the progress and you can watch, like the painting in Dorian Gray’s attic, as I slowly degrade over the miles and miles (and miles and miles).. HOORAY!


But, it’s not all bicycles and diseases today, it’s Friday for fuck’s sake! Let’s talk about some music, eh? And how about that new John Vanderslice album Romanian Names that popped up this week on the glorious web of electronical tubular highways of love!

Yeah, no kidding, so good. On the surface it seems a bit light and airy, but as you listen again (and again) you begin to hear that these are beautiful songs about love and all the difficulties within. The album is simple packed full of lovely melodies, harmonies, and instrumentation, ready to glide you right into the weekend. It’ll make you look at your love and be thankful for all you’ve got and that sounds just about perfect.

Should have something special or two brewing for the weekend, keep an eye out! Until then… Enjoy!

John Vanderslice – 01 Tremble And Tear
John Vanderslice – 02 Fetal Horses

I live with another
I stole her from her lover
Fetal horses gallop in room
Seeing corpses in an empty room
At least today you’re pixelated…

John Vanderslice – 03 C & O Canal
John Vanderslice – 04 Too Much Time

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2 comments for “At least today you’re pixelated..

  1. nicole
    March 31, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    Thank you.

  2. Tsuru
    March 31, 2009 at 5:14 PM

    You are very welcome!!

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