Afternoon Delight: Some "thanks" and some SMOG/Bill Callahan moments…

First off, a Tsuru Tsycling update!!! The response, support, and love has been overwhelming for sponsoring my 100 mile ride for the American Diabetes Association’s TOUR De CURE.

Between Our Society, our Facebook friends, and folks who know me in real life, we are up to almost $300! But let’s not stop the love. It’s a great cause and I’m more than happy to put these legs to good use. So, let’s keep the support via a few bucks or so going by clicking…


And seriously….. Thank you so SO much everyone who’s sponsored my cycling ass already! I love you guys!!! I promise to kick some ass for ya, and if you go to the Society and let me know you donated, we’ll put you in to win a record from my collection! SWEET! So donate, join up, and let’s have some fun now!

Oh, and if you like to ride your bicycle too, join up in our Tsuru Tsycling group on Facebook, just friend us and find the group and join, check done! Most importantly though, just ride, ride, RIDE!!!

Now, our Bill Callahan moments….

“Diamond Dancer”

“Rock Bottom Riser”

“Cold Blooded Old Times” (one of my favourite songs ever)…

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