TSURURADIO Presents… Why Do Birds Sing? on Vinyl!!!

Photography by Lloyd Hughes

Ah, looks like winter broke, at least for the weekend, maybe I can squeeze an outdoor ride in? Novel idea, eh? But, before I head out, I’m pretty excited to share today’s vinyl. Another from the early nineties, but one quite different than Automatic For The People. One of my very favourite albums, Why Do Birds Sing? by Violent Femmes…

Man, how many drives to & from high school did I spend listening to this album? The whole car singing along to “Catch me we are fallling, catch me weeee are… fallin’!” Ah, good times, good memories! The lyrics weren’t quite as teenage angst as the much loved first album, and after all the years of singing “Blister In The Sun”, I was quite thankful.

It’s a strange little “comeback” (though, not really a comeback in my opinion) album, chock full of fun ditties, 16th century poetry, and even a brilliant Culture Club cover that complete reinvents what it means to be hurt by your lover. Add that it has a seemingly random joke song “Life Is A Scream” complete with Ritchie & Gano screaming like women in a B movie (though for some reason, that song has Ritchie written all over it) before flowing into the most erotic song about a flamingo I think you’ll ever hear.

I could probably dribble on about this album for hours (seriously), like how “I’m Free” became the theme song for finally leaving home for good, but instead, let’s let Gordon do the talking, Victor do the drumming, and Brian play that bass (yeah, THAT bass) as…

TSURURADIO Presents… Why Do Birds Sing? on Vinyl!!!

Side One

1. “American Music”
2. “Out the Window”
3. “Look Like That”
4. “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?”
5. “Hey Nonny Nonny”
6. “Used to Be”

Side Two

1. “Girl Trouble”
2. “He Likes Me”
3. “Life is a Scream”
4. “Flamingo Baby”
5. “Lack of Knowledge”
6. “More Money Tonight”
7. “I’m Free”

Go show the Femmes all your love here, here, and here now…

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