TSURURADIO Appreciates… Setting The Woods On Fire

Photography of Wanda Jackson by unknown

Last time we properly appreciated, we were taken to an alternate reality, a New York that is long gone, but alive and well, East Of Bowery. Well, considering that I just posted some music, and I’ve been busy working on (what will hopefully be) this weekend’s special share, we realized we were way overdue to show some more love, this time, to a good friend of Tsururadio and his fantastic site…

Setting The Woods On Fire

Setting The Woods On Fire is not some see ’em & hype ’em site, nor is it some quasi-music news site, no my friends, STWOF is (and for this, I truly and truly do appreciate him) simply a site about music he likes, whether it be old or new, country, rock, jazz, or pop, whatever.

I know what you are thinking, “so what? any slug with an mp3 collection and a blogger account can do that”, well, first off, why you gotta be such a douche? Ha! Look, that may be true, getting on the web log train ain’t difficult, but Paul does something different, with his wood-paneled wallpaper and his banner of Hank Williams Sr., and his tendency to discuss country, rhythm, blues, jazz, and maybe a little honky-tonk more often then not, he transports his readers to a (I love this word) bygone era that is sorely lacking in the web logging world.

While others are quick to post that hawt hipster Panda Express Uses Words Like Fuck In Their Band Name’s remix of The Fuck Wolves With Ridiculously Long Band Names track, Paul keeps it old school or, as the young kids say today, keeps it “real, yo”.

So, dive in, learn something new, experience where music was before music became to be what it is, listen to Wanda Jackson sparkle through “Sparkling Brown Eyes”, or stop and appreciate Chuck Berry’s “Brown-Eyed Handsome Man” (what a sec, what’s the deal with all the brown eyes?), then listen to The Million Dollar Quartet’s version of the same song (I love it when he presents muliple versions), either way just go show a man who truly loves good music and who appreciates music’s roots your own appreciation (let’s see, how many times can I use the word “appreciate” in a sentence, oop… there’s one more).

Here’s a few recent shares to get you warmed up…

Tom Russell – U.S. Steel
The Million Dollar Quartet – Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
Jerry Lee Lewis – Workin’ Man Blues

Brilliant, eh? Now hop to it, go show Paul’s Setting The Woods On Fire all your love here now…

1 comment for “TSURURADIO Appreciates… Setting The Woods On Fire

  1. Paul
    February 26, 2009 at 5:19 AM

    Hey TSURU – Awesome of you to do this for my little blog! Your blog is also much appreciate on my end!

    And I love the new look. Very classy.

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