The stupid house you made fell away like paper lace…

Photography by emmajeanjumpingbean

When you stick 3 weirdos in a room together, ask them to make a record, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to know what to expect. Individually, you may have a pretty good idea (though the chance of surprising you is still there, of course), but all three? Will they be inspired to out-weird each other? Will they calm each other down (like baby & I do to each other)? Will they ignore each other and each do their own thing? Such were the thoughts that ran through my mind when I heard that Mercer, Krug, and Bejar were giving this whole Swan Lake thing another go…. So this morning, when I saw that Enemy Mine had dripped all over my internet, I loaded it up, closed my eyes, held my breath, and pushed play…

And wow…. to be honest, you kinda get a little bit of everything! From “weird” moments, like the grand finale “Warlock Psychologist”, some individual moments, like Bejar on “Heartswarm”, and some collaborative feeling moments like on “Paper Lace”. It all mixes together perfectly, giving you a real album from what feels like a real band (vs. a three artist on one album thing), like Swan Lake is really settling in to what “Swan Lake” is, you know? It will be interesting to see where they go next, if they continue to go, as the years move on and the side projects, solo efforts, and collaborations continue to take more and more of their time and creativity, but for now we have Enemy Mine and this weirdo is a happy boy.

So, weirdos unite, rejoice, and enjoy!

Swan Lake – 01 Spanish Gold, 2044
Swan Lake – 02 Paper Lace

Come run with Jackie
me and this lady
the stupid house you made
fell away like paper lace
come run with Jackie
me and this lady…

Swan Lake – 03 Heartswarm

And now for the ladies (and a few of you gents out there), here’s some hot indie man-on-man-on-man porn for you…

You like that? Good… I thought you would. Anyone up for a game of fuck, marry, kill? Ha! Hmm…. I’ll go with fuck Krug, marry Bejar, and (sorry) kill Mercer. What about you? But first, go show these hotties all your love here, here, and here now…

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