If there are words, I’m too busy shaking my ass to hear them…

Photography by Scott James Prebble

Dan Deacon is not in my wheelhouse. Computer/DJ/Electro-whatever is not my normal bag! But you know me, I’ll try anything thrice, and as my music taste have evolved so may an appreciation for that which didn’t stick before… like Radiohead. Never stuck, but every year or so I give ’em another go, and now I’ve got 3 or 4 songs I like by ’em! Not bad, eh? So, when good friend Mark (who, by the way, has an interview with the Thermals up on his site, check it) got super excited about the “epic” new Dan Deacon album he was listening to called Bromst, I had to give it a go…

Holy shit. Epic doesn’t even begin to describe what the hell is going on here. Noisy, intense, intense, intense, fun, super-epic, beautiful, escapist, dance, dance, intense dance! There, how’s that? This album completely yanks you from reality, pulls you to an intensely communal, slow-motion, dance moment, the kind usually reserved to ravers on esctasy (
I swear, the hardest I’ve taken all year is Aleve), but with incredible and incredibly intelligent music!

I’m listening again, and all I can think is “holy shit” again and again. Wow… I love it when something mathematically I shouldn’t get into completely kicks my ass! I love it when my prejudice (which I truly try to keep at a minimum, to listen to anything and everything with open ears) is completely destroyed. I love it when I’m desperately anxious for one album to come out (Hazards Of Love, I’m looking at you) but then another one smacks me upside the head, reminding me to live in the now, and not in the next. So thanks Mark. Brilliant recommendation…. thank you so much.

Okay, get your headphones on, turn it up reeeeally loud, like bleeding ears loud, and enjoy!

Dan Deacon – 01 Build Voice
Dan Deacon – 02 Ref F
Dan Deacon – 03 Padding Ghost

Go show Mr. Deacon all your love here, here, and here now…

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