I love the way she looks in her underwear

Photography by Rita Lino

I hope you forgive me but I feel like being a bit “confessional” today, “putting it out there” if you will. If you’ve come looking for music, scroll down to near the album art and enjoy. Otherwise……..

You see, I am an odd one. I know it, anyone who knows me knows it, and I have embraced it. The more “normal” I try to be, the more either unhappy I become or the more it just backfires as it becomes eventually obvious that I’m faking it and playing along. All-in-all, it’s a good thing. I know, we are all weird to some degree or another, right? Yes we are, it’s very true. But, what I’ve found is that it would seem that I’m weird to some degree AND another (and another and another). And again, that’s all well and good, I actually like that about me most of the time but every now & then, it kinda sucks.

Recently, I felt inclined to try to expand my friend base a little (not on the anonyinternetters, but in for-realz-world), and at first it seemed to be going just fine, but as has happened WAY too many times, once they cross the outershell into next layer or two, I don’t know why, but suddenly *POOF* they are gone. It’s not any one person individual (actually, it seems to be quite a few), but the repetitiveness of it gets me a-thinkin’ about it all over again. It’s getting a little old. I wish I had a dollar for every tilted-headed quizzical puppy look I’ve received or every, like when it’s a group, I get the laugh that is followed by a looking around at the others, where the mouth says “ha ha funny!” but the eyes are saying “this guy is fucking crazy!”…. Not THIS kind of crazy, not an “outer crazy” but in a “this guy’s brain is wired weird crazy”. Well, let’s just say I’d have a whole lot o’ money and TSURURECORDS would’ve been up and running a long while ago.


What’s a boy to do? I guess keep on keeping on, right? It’s all I ever do. Way more often than not, I’m ridiculously happy with “me” but every now and then, you might find me a little on the bummed side about it. Oh well… Thanks for “listening”… Feel better already just writing it out, ye olde noggin is clearing up and once again the music takes center stage in my mind, all’s coming in crystal clear as a whistle and a smile exchange lip time on my face.

And what is suddenly clamping down and taking a dominant stance? Why our latest Basement Required Listening! No. 9 this week as center52 offered up Josh Ritter’s The Historical Conquest of Josh Ritter!

Man oh man, did I miss this in 2007 or what? Ritter takes his obvious love of Dylan and The Beatles, puts them in a pan and creates his own dish of pop/rock/folk. I love it when an artists is able to do that. It’s one thing to emulate, it’s a whole ‘nother thing to wear your influences proudly but still make a music that is beautiful and all your own! Penn did it, Sweet did it, and now Ritter, and oh man did he! The songs, though varied, flow seemlessly and fluidly together, telling of his own conquest, his own trials, tribulations, and jubilations of love & life!

Thank you so much center52, another wonderful new discovery for me, another wonderful gem to pop in my musical autobiography, another wonderful album to put on repeat and let the day flow by me as my mind drifts toward the weekend ahead. Yeah, quite wonderful indeed…


Josh Ritter – 01 To The Dogs Or Whoever

I love the way she looks in her underwear
I lose my page then the plot then the book then I swear
She makes the most of her time by loving me plenty
She knows there’ll come a day when we won’t be getting any

Josh Ritter – 02 Mind’s Eye
Josh Ritter – 03 Right Moves
Josh Ritter – 04 The Temptation Of Adam

Go show Mr. Ritter all your love here, here, and here now…

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