I held the hand of an angel, many nights ago, I took her out, took her out, took her out, took her out, took her out!!!

Photography by Falan

Well, the quasi-cacciatore is in the oven (quasi, because I just threw a few things on some chicken, added some diced tomatoes and seasoning, and let it go) and today was one of those busy days, so while my chicken gets it’s tomatoey juicy deliciousness on and the rice is a-simmerin’, let’s talk about some good times that cascaded my ear drums during the hour here and the hour there that I had to actually had where I didn’t HAVE to listen and/or talk to someone…. thanks to valued & wonderful member grafista, I had Parlovr’s self-titled gem to carry me through.

Grafista bought this one based on it’s cover, and me, being one who discoved many and much music before music commoditized itself via the internets (yes, I’m old, remember?) would’ve done the same thing! Add on the “we’re from Canada, Montreal to be exact” and their love of all things emotional and straight-forward in pop/rock music, and well I’m good to go!

Okay, so on paper, they look and sound like they are going to climb right on up my heart strings, and guess what……. they did! Hooray! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be talking about them, would I? If you want snarky snarkiness, go elsewhere.

Hmm…. I’d say the best way to describe them is a Unicorns/Return-To-Sea-Islands meets a little Vampire Weekend, maybe? Maybe with a few other Montreal Canuck morsels thrown in for good measure? But without all the hype and love of all things Northeastern Faux-Afro-pop-centric? There’s something 80’s in their roughness that I love too… The sloppy (or “sloopy”) sweet side appeals to the kid in me, while the meaty passionate bits appeal to the adult in me! It’s a love of music you feel with every beat, every lyric, an authenticity that comes across every sound wave and, as rough as it is, that’s extraordinarily appealling…

Definitely part of a complete balanced breakfast! HA! Okay… Obviously, I’m hungry. The food’s ready and I’m going to eat. You, on the other hand, just need to grab and enjoy!

Parlovr – 01 Pen To The Paper

I held the hand of an angel
many nights ago
I took her out
took her out
took her out
took her out
took her out!!!

Parlovr – 02 Sandwalking
Parlovr – 03 On The Phone
Parlovr – 04 Hiccup!

Mmm… Cacciatore! Okay, now go show these dirty French Canucks all your love here and here now…

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