I gotta cheer up now, gotta cheer up now…

Photography by Amanda Olbrys

What an amazingly beautiful evening last night. I had one of the best 20 mile rides home last night I can remember since winter began, just beautiful, cool, damp, and “pre-cold front” and the cycling gods were in my favour after the punishment brought on Sunday when (on a gloriously sunny morning) I went for a ride without my due diligence and suffered on the hills, suffered through two flats (one for me and one for my friend), and suffered through a screaming left thigh (it just wasnt up for the ride, the climbs, or the headwind).

So, yesterday morning, went to ride to work, ah, but forgot the valve tip twisted off like an apple stem when I put the tube on Sunday on the side of the road, couldn’t pump the tire, and I only had one good tube left (baby’s spare). The gods were speaking to me, and the message was heard…. So, at 6am, I cleaned & tuned the bike, changed out the tube and loaded it in the car. The gods were pleased, granting me a slight tail wind, minimal traffic, mostly green lights, quick service at the bike shop (I bought two more tubes), and legs that wanted to do nothing more than push for the 20 mile ride home. I even hit a nice 30 mph clip on a relatively flat portion of the commute. It felt so good, so beautiful.

Got home, made us some steak, home-made tomato sauce, and goat cheese “enchiladas”, sipped on some red wine (and I was a little dehydrated, so you know where that went… wheeee!), and took care of some work I brought home (and in my happy place, I was completely fine with that).

What’s that got to do with the an ex-Page Frances duo, Cotton Jones, and their gem Paranoid Cocoon? Maybe nothing at all…. Just thought I’d share a happy moment with you.

So, this morning I wake up to a rainy, cloudy, dreary sky (still in good spirits, mind you, but dreary nonetheless), and based on a recommendation of a good friend at work, loaded up what would become the perfect soundtrack for this late winter day. Dripping with an old style psychedelia, the dreamy woodsy kind, Paranoid Cocoon blends right in with the grey clouds, bare trees, and muted grass surrounding me today. It’s another busy day to another busy week, but there’s a comfort in the back of my head in being carried back to a different time and place this album pulls you to, it’s like no matter what is coming my way, Cotton Jones is cushioning the blow, protecting me from the now…. and today, that’s a pretty nice feeling.


Cotton Jones – 01 Up A Tree (Went This Heart I Have)
Cotton Jones – 02 Gotta Cheer Up

Come the forest
Come the dark
All the colors of your heart
On a whistle in the park
Children swimming through the sparks.
I was foolin’ around
In a sea of sound
All the trumpets they go whoa whoa whoa whoa
And the drums they bang
I gotta cheer up now
gotta cheer up now…

Cotton Jones – 03 Some Strange Rain

Go show Cotton Jones all your love here, here, and here now…

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