I could be so funny, if I just quit being a drag…

Photography by Kechi

Greetings from New York City… On a little business trip of sorts, but that shan’t stop the music from happening, eh? As the plane (finally) took off, breaking through the clouds, snow, and cold, it broke into the sky, into the sun, and I desperately searched for that right playlist to start this short little trip off right. Guess what I found…

Heartless Bastard’s latest, The Mountain. Man, the sun shone through the American Airlines window, and for a little over an hour, it was spring, it was summer, it most certainly wasn’t winter. Look, I LOVE winter, I love the snow, I love layering up, but it’s been “winter” since October this year and frankly, I’m good. I’m ready for the next season. One of the things I loved about moving away from my native Florida was the seasons, and for 5 years, I got ’em, but this year, winter began too soon and just won’ t end.

Well, you don’t need me to tell you that, if you are on the north eastern side of this country, you know it. Supposed to be about 9 degrees here in New York in the morning…… whee. Wouldn’t know it from looking at this photo I snapped from my hotel window.

Photography by Tsuru

I call this “Waste & Freedom”, on your right is the Department of Sanitation, on the upper left, waaaay back there is the Statue of Liberty (ha! Go Meat Packing District)! But anyway, we are hear about the music, right? And holy hell, Dayton, Ohio’s Heartless Bastards bring the drip, the sweat, the dirt, and the roots with The Mountain… From it’s opening guitar riff to it’s strong glorious vocals standing out front, and they are indeed “glorious”. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it all sounds just a little dirty (in a modern classic rock kinda way) and you know what?? That’s just the way I likes ’em.

Heartless Bastards – 01 The Mountain
Heartless Bastards – 02 Be So Happy

I can be so happy
if I just quit being sad
I can be so funny
if I just quit being a drag…
I can be so sweet
if I just quit being sour
I could do all these things
oh, I have the power…

Heartless Bastards – 03 Early In The Morning

Go show these ex-Ohioans (they or she or whatever moved to Austin, TX…. I’ve been to Dayton, and you know what? I can’t blame them) all your love here, here, and here now…

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  1. fulltext
    February 4, 2009 at 9:29 PM

    You know what’s wrong with this album?

    It’s too damn short!


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