Come with me, I’ll take you anywhere…

Photography by brambura

I’m a happy mother fucker, still a month away from an official release, Elvis Perkins In Dearland leaked out this morning-ish. And given how I’m spending the day making up for the two days I missed traveling for work, I couldn’t think of a better album to accompany me through my back to back to back to back to back (literally) meetings.

So, how is it? Nothing short of amazing.

The instrumentation is beautiful… acoustic guitars, pianos, up-right bass, horns (is that a tuba?), and the album just gets better, deeper, dripping with a subtle intensity as it progresses, until it climaxes at “Doomsday”, where then “123 Goodbye” & “How’s Forever Been, Baby” serve as his dénouement (sorry, just HAD to use that word after all the others, right? Though, I probably used it incorrectly). An absolutely perfect soundtrack for an otherwise rough day.

Okay, that’s it! Time to wrap this week up, put a shiny bow on it, and get the fuck out of here. Have a great weekend all and if the good lard’s a-willin’ and if the creeks don’t rise, we’ll get ya a little vinyl up this weekend, but until then… enjoy!

Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 01 Shampoo
Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 02 Hey

Oh yes,
Oh yes!
Come with me
I’ll take you anywhere
With you I went to the top stairs…

Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 03 Hours Last Stand
Elvis Perkins In Dearland – 04 I Heard Your Voice In Dresden

Go show Elvis all your love by pre-ordering the album here and getting an immediate download for the whole thing, and while you’re in a clickin’ mode, go show him some love here

1 comment for “Come with me, I’ll take you anywhere…

  1. Isa
    February 13, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    You use it correctly monsieur! ;-)
    Love your article, love this album, thanks!

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