And my body fills with grin…

Photography by katie aka skinny bones

Damn, missed another gem from 2008. How did Seagull’s Goodbye Weather slip by? Where the hell was I?

The sad thing is, I think I actually grabbed this in November, and it sat on my player for a little while before I realized it was there. When I listened, I loved it and was going to post on it, but then something (can’t remember what) distracted me, then I came back, then distracted, etc, etc…. and now, finally, in February, I look up and realized I never discussed this beautiful album!

For shame, too, because it’s beautiful. Chris Bolton delivers lo-fi, quasi-folkish, sparse, with a sense of loneliness, desolation, & a bit of fragility, like I said, beautiful. We featured “Baby” in our podcast yesterday, so those of you brave enough to listen to it have a taste of what to expect. A perfect winter album, and considering what a deep and long winter this is/has become, I can’t think of anything more appropriate.


Seagull – 01 Dust Storm
Seagull – 02 Not There Yet

A friend
what will we do
your eyes dilate
and my body fills with grin…

Seagull – 03 Trucks Are Sheep
Seagull – 04 Half Sleep

Go show Seagull all your love here and here now…

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