And I got the prettiest girl in the whole wide world…

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To be honest (and if there is one thing I painfully do here, is be honest), I’m normally not a fan of tribute albums…. Typically I grab the song by the band that I like, such as REM’s incredible dark rendering of “First We Take Manattan”, because I, oddly enough, LOVE a good cover (I know, I know, I make no sense…. if you are a long time reader (first time caller) you already knew that) and find it a good home in a mixtape or two (or three or four). SO, when wonderful Society member Eldoon brought to my attention and my ears not just a tribute album, but a FAN tribute album of some early Weezer/Rivers songs from some early album 3 demos and some Homie recordings by some boardies called Lifetaker And Runnersdialzero Present HOMiE Vol. 1, you can imagine my hesitation & weariness…

I mean, I used to be a part of the weezernation boards which the albumsix board birthed from it’s dead, decapitated, and burned ashes, I’ve heard a boardie or two’s “rendition” of a Rivers song or two and cringed as I quickly located the delete-Delete-DELETE! button 20 or 30 seconds in. A few were talented, sure, but for the most part, some kid playing “Longtime Sunshine” with his akoostic geetar into Garage Band is not my idea of a good time, which, again to be honest, was exactly what I thought I was about to hear. So imagine my surprise when I loaded up “Autumn In Jayne” when a clear professional sounding studio recording filled my ears…

Yay! Hurdle number one was cleared!

So, let’s get on with the album! Wow, over and over again I was surprised, each song was skillfully taken on and made their own. By the time I reached “Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World” and the “She Don’t Use Jelly”-like guitars kicked in I forgot I was listening to something Weezer-related and I just enjoyed HOMiE as “HOMie”, you follow? For all my aging ears knew, HOMiE was it’s own band with their own eclectic collection quirky little rock songs to fill my earcasms…

One of my favourites was their take on “Hot Tub”, always a fun & shitty little Rivers song for me so it was hard to stop comparing the two at first, but by the time the guitar solo (yeah, guitar solo, remember those Rivers? Even the 3 second Maladroit kind?) I was just smiling like an idiot, bobbing my head at the airport while a few passengers looked at me like I might seizure at any moment.

These songs are fun, they were handled with a certain amount of love and obvious adoration. But, they don’t spend their time trying to mimic Rivers, or what they thing Rivers would do with the songs, instead they just have fun, ranging from Weezer like rock, to a bit of country-fried rock, to a bit a near-Beatles-esque rock! Yeah, really! Nuts, eh?

Even Baby’s looking at me a little funny, and she has to live with me… like… everyday! HA!

Am I a fan-tribute album convert now? Oh god no, I remember hearing, I think, AtEase’s take on Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, Oof. But HOMiE, I think you are on to something. Would I like a Volume 2? Sure, but hopefully you’ll take some of that weezer-nerdiness & obvious talent and get your own collection of geeky little rock songs together. Until then, I got this, and that is pretty fucking good…

My flights about to board, so until we talk again…. Enjoy!

Lifetaker And Runnersdialzero Present HOMiE Vol. 1
(Full Rar)

01 Autumn in Jayne
02 Fun Time
03 Wanda
04 Prettiest Girl In the Whole Wide

Fall leaves falling
Colder than air
Too bad she ain’t coming
Alone right here

And I got the prettiest girl in the whole wide world
And nobody can take her from me
And if even when she goes out walking alone
I waited home patiently

I’ve never been so happy
I’ve never been so sure

05 Sheila Can Do (It)
06 Hey My Darlin’
07 Baby
08 1,000 Years
09 Hot Tub
10 Rosemary

Good times, eh? Now go show Rivers, Weezer, and these boardies a bit of your love here, here, and here now…

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  1. lifetaker
    June 13, 2009 at 4:08 PM

    thanks for the love. i'm glad you like it.

    may life treat you well. have a great day baby!


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