An Open Letter To Neko Case While Listening To Middle Cyclone…

Photography by Eric & Laura

Oh Neko, oh Neko… How appropriate that on such a cool & rainy day, grey, cloudy, and beautiful, that Middle Cyclone would show up on my metaphorical doorstep. That baby & I would get to hear it for the first time together on our wet & sleepy ride in, quietly worming our way through traffic, thoughts no where near work or the day ahead, just on you.

What did you imagine when you holed yourself in that run down barn to build this? Did you think about how in February a bunch of music bloggers would be getting their grubby, sweaty palms on this, anxious to hype or hate, to compare it to your beautiful discography and rejoice in your progression or lament that it’s not Fox Confessor Part II or whatever? Do you even know it leaked? Do you care?

Did you intend to invoke this feeling, this perfect quiet rainy day soundtrack? As “Magpie To The Morning” coats my eardrums, I long to be home with baby, lights low, letting the little bit of daytime squeaking through the thicket of clouds to be our only source for illumination. What do you think of when you created this? Was that your intention? Your voice, your music, is timeless, yet you keep moving us forward, no, not in time, we move forward in atmosphere, deeper, thicker, more gorgeous, unreal.

You’ll be here in April, we already got our tickets. How do you decide what you are going to play? How is it even possible? I can’t even imagine what a Neko mixtape could sound like. Maybe you’ll let us interview you, photograph you? It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? I won’t ask you about cyclones or tornadoes or other wind phenomenon, I promise. What I’d love to know is your process, your brain, your mind…. How does it build Middle Cyclone, Fox Confessor, Blacklisted, et al? What does it think when it’s time to record again? Is it an organic process or methodical?

Beyond that, how does it feel to go back and forth from being the center of the world as Neko Case to a sort of semi-anonymitity in New Pornographers. Is it nice? We can discuss our love of Canada, if you like. Our love of photography, are you a photographer yourself? I can see you carrying an old Nikon F1 around for some reason. Do you ever build songs from photographs? Speaking of inpiration, I’m 25 minutes in on “Marais La Nuit” and I feel like the only thing I’m missing is a porch swing. Any chance to play this live? Talk about punk. It reminds me of the nights back in Florida, after the rains, and all the crickets and frogs started looking for love…

Well, the real world is calling us and it’s time to hunker down and, as the kids say, get-r-done. Can’t wait to see you in April, thank you for Middle Cyclone, another gem, sure to haunt many of our days & nights, road trips & flights, and life in general….

Neko Case – 01 This Tornado Loves You
Neko Case – 02 The Next Time You Say Forever

Vanish in the rain
the next time you say forever
I’ll punch you in the face…

Neko Case – 03 People Got A Lotta Nerve

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