A Cheesy Good Times Moment (Or Two)…

The Tsuru mini-vacation continues today as Baby & I head out to Disney for the day! Speaking of cheesy good times, check out friend and valued member of our beloved Society, captgeech and his fantastically awesome parody of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” called, appropriately enough, “Skinny Jeans”….

Good times! I’d like to blame the dryer too, but after this vacation, who am I kidding… Have a great day everyone, we’ll back in business on Wednesday at the latest. Word is the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (mp3 via pampelmoose) new one has leaked, that’s cool, never been much of a fan. I’m still holding hopes for a Decemberists leak on my return…. that’d be nice. Anywhos… gotta run, the Haunted Mansion awaits!

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