You were my husband, my wife, my heroin…

Photography by Andrea Leigh

Last week, we kicked off a new series down in The Basement called “Required Listening”, a chance for whoever wishes to participate, to post an album on their week that we are then all required to listen to and discuss. I kicked things off with Andre Ethier’s missed gem from 2008 Born On Blue Fog, which some folks enjoyed, some not so much, but music was heard, discussions were had, and life was just a little bit better because of it.

The idea is to offer up something a little different, interesting, and not that common. I mean, do we really need to listen to and talk about London Calling or Wolf Parade or Velvet Underground & Nico again? Know what I mean, jelly bean? It could be something to challenge the listener, something just special to you, or something you think was kinda overlooked or forgotten and needed a bit of love & attention. Pretty simple & cool, eh?

Well, after getting the sign up sheet up, we quickly filled up 16 weeks with Required Listening albums! Whee!!! And up next was wonderful & valued member whenIofferyousurvival (or wioys, for short), and his offering? 2007’s The Magic Position by Patrick Wolf…

I will admit that I missed this album when it popped up in 2007, and with the influx of 2009 already coming in, odds are I wouldn’t have got around to it anytime soon otherwise! This album surprised me. I had seen the album cover here and there when the best of’s were popping up at the end of 2007, but with the silly cover and the mention of “electronica” as part of their description, I wasn’t to eager to bother…. well, as always when I expose a bit of prejudice on an album, shame on me, shame, shame, shame… I really should know better by now.

Fortunately, that’s the beauty of music, it is NEVER too late to love an album and, as you know, it can often take many years before an album is truly loved and appreciated. With The Magic Position, it’s definitely better late than never as Wolf seems to effortlessly blend simple pop instrumentation with electronica elements and a bit of the theatrics, all layered on top of skillfully built melodies. The result is an album that is at times light, childish, and fun, and at times dark & melodramatic, like a well built play. It carries you along, or maybe pulls you along is more accurate, from scene to scene. Quite wonderful…

Nice selection wioys, I’m already excited for next week’s Required Listening from hitmewithmuzak! Until then, enjoy!

Patrick Wolf – 01 Overture
Patrick Wolf – 02 The Magic Position
Patrick Wolf – 03 Accident And Emergency
Patrick Wolf – 04 The Bluebell
Patrick Wolf – 05 Bluebells

You were my husband
my wife
my heroin
Now this was our final

Want to participate? Come on in the society, join up, and then sign up here! But first, go show Mr. Wolf all your love here, here, and here now…

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