What’s the use in dying, dying, if I don’t know when?

Photography by Alyz

Oh man, rough day at work…. crazy long meetings, two days in a row. Oof. But that will not stop the music, uh-uh, no how, NO WAY! This time around, it started by teasing me as I could only get through most of the first song before getting interrupted over and over. Very frustrating, but definitely wet the thirst. Could the rest of Here We Go Magic’s self-titled album live up to the lead-off track?

Well, if it didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing about it, would I? No, of course not.

Now listening to the first song, I think the most obvious connection is a Paul Simon thing, not just the semi-tribal, acoustic (with bits of electronic added) thing, but also the vocals are a bit reminiscent the short dude from Simon & Garfunkel.

But then “Frangela” starts up, a guitar off in the distance, before falling into it’s quiet melody, accompanied with sweet falsetto harmonies. The repeating theme is the mix of tribal, acoustic, and bits of electronic. It creates a unique palette (oh no I didn’t just use the word “palette”…. shit, next will be French words) of sounds, blended like a lo-fi smoothie (whatever the hell that is… wait, is that wheat germ I’m tasting?).

Okay, maybe it’s my brain that’s blended like a smoothie after the past two days, but there’s something calming and special about this album. It’s beautiful, a little spacey, but in a strangely organic way, keeping it (and me) grounded…. Instead of floating in the ether above, I’m standing on a tall hill full of flowers looking up and getting lost in the starry sky.

Yeah…. that image works. Amazing.

Here’s the first few tracks, enjoy & then go buy it! And man o’ man, thank you jesus, allah, buddha, whoever that tomorrow if Friday……

Here We Go Magic – 01 Only Pieces

What’s the use in dying

if I dont know when?
What’s the use in trying
if I don’t know when…

Here We Go Magic – 02 Fangela
Here We Go Magic – 03 Ahab

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