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And now for something completely different, seriously. In all my time here, I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally shared someone’s remix with you… Why? Well, in general, I don’t usually get into them. They tend to mess up a great song and they, for some reason, tend to be about 2 minutes too long as the “remixer” stretches it out to show off his/her mad beat skillz and whatnot. To be honest…. I don’t know what’s wrong with dancing to the original? Hell, I find myself dancing around like an idiot to our both of our Best Of 2008 mixtapes all the time and their nary a “dance” song on them!

Well, anyway, never one to reject music with blanket statements in any other situation, I felt inclined (after hearing yet another collection of crappy remixes while daring to venture into the local mall) to challenge myself to not just find, but build an entire podcast around the latest and somewhat fashionable & hot (or is it hawt now?) artistes and their remixes floating around the wondrous internet.

My research began (and ended) at one of the best mp3 aggregators our there, elbo.ws, where after searching for “remix” and “mix” I was amazed and overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of these dancable do-overs out there! I think I found about 5 or 6 versions of MGMT’s “Kids” alone (one of which, if you hang around, you’ll get to hear here).

So… to make a long story short (too late!), after downloading, oh say, about 80 or so songs, I think I landed on about sixteen gems I really enjoyed and after “mixing” them together, we clocked in at just over an hour of songs to get your ass a-shakin’, your rump a-movin’, your head a-bobbin’, your- well, you get the idea. Now, keep in mind, I’m NO DJ, so if you don’t like the flow, if you find this not dance-floor ready, well I’m sorry… this is the first time I’ve ever paid any attention to bpm’s (beats per minute, for the unwashed, or maybe we are the washed?) and I gave it a go, that’s the best anyone can ask of me.

I hope everyone had a lovely & festive time ringin’ in the new year (I think we watched Fox or Disney, can’t remember, I just can’t watch Dick Clark anymore), I hope your hang-overs are over because now it’s time to start the new year, but more importantly, the weekend off right as…


T S U R U R E M I X ! ! !

Featuring remixes of your favourite songs by today’s hawtest artistes, such as…

Peter Bjorn & John
Amy Winehouse
Treasure Fingers
Estelle & Kanye West
The Puppini Sisters
Nina Simone
Kenna & The Cool Kids
Cut Copy
The Magnetic Fields
& Empire Of The Sun!!!

Go show all these artist all your love here, and while you are clicking things…. you got a mixtape or your own dancetastic flow to show? Well, get your ass on down to the society and get a-sharin’!!!

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