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Photography “Allen Street, New York City, 1987” by Ted Barron

In the “music web logosphere”, as well as IRL (interweb lingo for “in real life”, a fictional place filled with creatures who believe an “animal collective” and a “pitchfork” are terms used in the processing, packaging, and wholesale of fine corn-fed meat product), I’m considered a bit of an oddling, a little weird, or, when put kindly, an eccentric. Though it took a number of years to accept this, I have now embraced it fully and actively seek out like-minded folks who are just a bit left of the focal point, doing their own thing, in their own way, carving a little niche, a slice, if you will, out of this giant rubarb pie of life. Sometimes I find them, other times, they find me, like today’s featured appreciation.

In the online world, this collection of misfits, eccentrics, & romantics wind up in my “My Lovins” section down and over to the right. This not only serves as my key set of bookmarks, but is also an opportunity for you, my dear readers, to explore the world outside yet connected to mine.

And so begins our newest feature, “TSURURADIO Appreciates…” where we will feature the sites and sounds around the internet that meant something to us, offer up something a little different, unique, and special, or are just really, really enjoyable to read, view, & peruse. First up, we appreciate a relatively new site…

Drew Hubner’s East Of Bowery

Drew Hubner is a historical fiction writer from New York, who’s published two books, American By Blood (2001) & We Pierce (2004), both create fictional stories within the setting of actual war time history. Both sound incredibly interesting (I just threw American By Blood in my cart) as I recently finished Critique Of Criminal Reason by Michael Gregorio, a fictional serial murder mystery taking place in 1804 in Prussia with the fear of invading Napolean-led invasion as it’s setting, so after reading the quick summary, Hubner’s American By Blood sounds right up my alley! Now, I got a few books to get through first, How To Be Canadian (hilarious, by the way) & The Story Of The Tour De France (first chapter, fascinating), so it may be a little while, I’m not the super reader like my lovely & talented.

Well, East Of Bowery is Hubner’s web log featuring amazing photography by Ted Barron and short literary pieces written in first person that I believe are autobiographical accounts of his younger self’s life in New York. Either that, or just very vivid and personal-sounding fiction written in a very autobiographical way… Regardless, his posts transfer you to a different time, a different New York, a very different era, and for the few minutes it takes to ready through each post, (as cheesy as it sounds) you are no longer here, you really are there on the streets…

That should be enough for a site like Hubner’s, well-written literary blogs are a rare bird, but to enhance it all, he takes advantage of your unused sense by adding a mp3 or two (or three), creating the perfect soundtrack for each scene. Together, it plays like a movie, but without a lick of video, making the “movie” only that much more vivid (well, unless you have no imagination, but I’d imagine, the imagination-less types don’t really enjoy this web log either).

His most recent post is the story of Cisco, a homeless man, the “mayor” of his “territory”, and is soundtracked with..

“My Heart is the Bums on the Street” by Marah
“Hobo Man” by Link Wray
“New York Town” by Woody Guthrie

Obscure and perfect…

My description of East Of Bowery can’t really do any justice to what he’s got going on. My only hope is that this young blog doesn’t end anytime soon, that it carries on and on and the stories grow, creating a world to escape into, even if it’s only every once in a while. So, thank you for a wonderful site Mr. Hubner, we here at Tsururadio truly appreciate you…

Your turn, go show Drew all your love here and especially here & here now…

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