Now it’s just like A, B, C…

Photography by Katja Kemnitz

2009 keeps leaking, no… scratch that, FLOODING like a beaver’s dam during a hurricane. In one sense, I’m so happy to have so much wonderful music at my fingertips, but at the same time, I’m overwhelmed! I look at my glorious mp3 player and freeze. What do I listen too? Just when I make up my mind, BLAM-O, a Decemberist song pops out. Okay, okay, oh wait, M. Ward’s Hold Time has a proper leak out? Not a web stream? Oh back to M. Ward, oh wait, look at that leak! Wait, no Neko’s new song is out…. ARGH!

Yeah, that’s my precious little noggin’. I need a support group.

My next concern is the rest of the year…. certainly, 2009 can’t keep this up, right? Oh-Eight was all about the ebb & flow, a little high tide, a little low tide, steady, steady, freddie, freddie, all year long, whereas oh-nine has gushed like a modern day porn star on a video camera!*** You just KNOW she’s gotta run out of fluid soon, right?

Well what can we do? Just listen as the come, talk about what sticks, and man did today’s stick, M. Ward’s latest gem, Hold Time.

Is this a huge progression from Post-War? Nope. Is that a bad thing? Fuck nope. It’s a subtle progression, some songs will remind you of his previous endeavors, others seem new and fresh, a perfect transition album for whatever lays ahead. One of my favourite songs (the one featured today) is “Never Had Nobody Like You”, first it starts out with a bit of drums reminding you of that song duh-nuhnuhnuh-HEY!, before kicking into some whiny 70’s A.M. radio guitar then settling into a sweet classic theme about how his new love is like no one he’s ever met and has changed him for good, even rhyming A, B, C with 1, 2, 3…. Cliche? Sure, but Ward, somehow, makes it work. Oh, and with Zooey singing back-up on that song (I’ll take She & Him Volume 2 now, please), well… I was double-smitten. That’s the thing with Ward, there’s always a bit of familiarity to his music, they feel like songs that have been part of your life since you can remember.

Another sweet M. Ward gem of an album, certain to spend many an evening and weekend filling our house with it’s beauty. Enjoy the first few songs, stay warm (it’s a nasty zero degrees here), and have a lovely weekend (I’m sure you’ll hear from me, via a fresh vinyl rip, soon enough)!

M. Ward – 01 For Beginners
M. Ward – 02 Never Had Nobody Like You

I ain’t never had nobody like you,
I ain’t never had nobody like you…
Now it’s just like A, B, C
Life’s just like 1, 2, 3
Yeah yeah…

M. Ward – 03 Jailbird
M. Ward – 04 Hold Time

Mr. Ward all your love here, here, and here now…

*** I sincerely apologize for the “gushing” analogy, unless you are one of the perverted, for you, you are welcome….

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  1. sweet_doublerocker
    January 24, 2009 at 2:51 AM

    i’m loving this album

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