I’m listening to one, but hearing the other too? What the hell…

Photography by Supershrimp

Bit torn on what to post today, got two very very different albums bouncing around in my head. Even as I listen to one, the other is playing as well. A little fucked up, eh? Both are spin-offs from bigger named bands, but while one is mired in blues & soul, the other is relishing in pop & campy goodness. I wonder which will garner me more cool points? Wait, it’s me, Tsuru, so neither (let’s face, I’m not cool, nor do I care to be). Oh fuck it, let’s do both, eh? Who’s got mad duality skills?? I do, fool! ha!

Okay, first up is Black Key’s Dan Auerbach and his solo effort, Keep It Hid.

Yeah, it’s got a “black keys” thing going on to some degree, with the soul dripping out the sides, but for me, it feels a bit deeper than the Black Keys, making it a bit more soulful, a bit less brash, and a bit more authentic. It’s not a dramatic shift (and that’s a good thing, we don’t want to lose the Black Keys), it leans more toward Tom Waits though, and the result is amazing (and is now on mad repeat in my ears). Here’s the first few tracks…

Dan Auerbach – 01 Trouble Weighs A Ton
Dan Auerbach – 02 I Want Some More
Dan Auerbach – 03 Heartbroken In Disrepair
Dan Auerbach – 04 Because I Should

Good times, eh? Next up is A Camp’s Colonia

I’ve been listening to this gem from Cardigan’s front woman Nina Persson since it leaked out a week or so ago. It even showed up on our Extremely Premature Best Of 2009 mixtape! Simply gorgeous vocals wrapping around pop (sometimes slightly country-fried) songs that almost sound like they belong in a musical! And no, not in a Disney way, in a fun campy way (though, if that was her intention, I have no idea). I mean, listen to “Bear On The Beach”, when the background singers repeat “Iriiiiiiiiis”, tell me you don’t hear a bit of Rocky Horror? Fucking brilliant. Every now and then, she dips a little too close to Sheryl Crow territory, but I forgive her. Even now, with Auerbach blaring in my ears, Nina is singing in my head, how is she doing that?

A Camp – 01 The Crowning
A Camp – 02 Stronger Than Jesus
A Camp – 03 Bear On The Beach
A Camp – 04 Love Has Left The Room

There you go… two amazing albums you need to get all over right away! So go show Auerbach & A Camp all your love here & here and here & here (respectively) now…

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