I’d have something to say other than hey…

Photography by Sophie Sea Monster

Got an incredible album to talk about today but first, a little “thanks” are in order. Defying all kinds of sense and logic, and possibly gravity, you guys made me No. 1 on Elbo.ws last week!

Now, you ARE aware this is TSURURADIO, right? Not Gorillas and/or Bears, or gummy stereos… Nor are we from Kentucky or vegans… And granted I think we are pretty much amazing, we aren’t Pretty Much Amazing, you know? Well, anyway, however you stumbled upon us, thank you very, very much. I don’t gain any fame or fortune by doing this, but hopefully a few of the artists (music & photography) we have featured here, that we’ve shown a little love toward, now have a new fan in some of you.

Speaking of great music (yeah, yeah, not the best of segues, but not the worse either!), after pulling away from hyper-analyzing my first “talkie” podcast (it’s so weird to hear my voice), I loaded up, based on good friend & Society VIP Fulltext suggestion, First Love by Emmy The Great.

Weird, kinda looks like my sister…

Anyway, folk, anti-folk, pop, whatever you want to call it, these are just genuine & wonderfully-crafted songs that delicately and intelligently pull from all the necessary influences, from country to Irish folk to baroque to etc which are then enclosed with super clever lyrics that reward you with repeated listens. It’s absolutely brilliant. That’s it. The end!


Emmy The Great – 01 Absentee
Emmy The Great – 02 24
Emmy The Great – 03 We Almost Had A Baby

Well you didn’t stop
when I told you to stop
And there was month
and I wasn’t sure
if the next time I saw you
out on the road
I’d have something to say
other than hey
all the money you owe…

Thanks again for all Tsuru-Love, now take some of that goodness and show some to Emmy and her greatness here, here, and here now…

3 comments for “I’d have something to say other than hey…

  1. a.
    January 26, 2009 at 5:46 PM

    Ahhh that’s awesome!Congratulations, you guys are amazing!

  2. bob reich
    January 27, 2009 at 9:16 AM

    Kick ass!

  3. Tsuru
    January 27, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    Thanks a & bob! Great album and I'm glad a lot of people are finding wonderful music, and through US nonetheless?????


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